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Restless leg (and other areas) syndrome

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This had me up most of the night with a strong urge to constantly move especially my legs. Then right after I took benedryl I read that taking benedryl can cause it or make it worse. Now it’s 10:30 in the morning and I still have it mostly feel it in my bum. I just did 20 minutes of walking I thought that would help but no.

Any tips? Do you know what causes it? Anyone else going through this annoying thing?

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some antihistamines can do me jumpy legs....there is a panadol pm that does that to me and piriton too.

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My sweet shining star, approx 75% of RLS can be traced to a lack of the following minerals: Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium or Iron. You should have your levels checked out right away. Okay? I want my star to keep on shining brightly.

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Sorry too hear this ! I hope u find something that helps ...always good too hear from u as u talk a lot off sense .

I’m going through the same thing. Super annoying. I feel it in my calves and it’s just a dull ache.

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My husband has this and takes 2 Tylenol and a cup of coffee! and within minutes the restlessness goes away. Only the combination works. Of course, if coffee agitates you, this won't work. His 'cure' is only temporary, and lasts for about 3-5 hours. He tried several prescribed meds, but they either left him spacey or didn't work. We've also found a magnesium spray works, so maybe John's advice works. I'd certainly start from there. Hope you get some relief. This can really put a hitch in your plans!

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Thanks for the support, Nan. I used to have light to moderate RLS. But, once I started taking high amounts of potassium and magnesium, it vanished 90%+. But, recently I read that iron deficiency can be a culprit too. Calcium deficiency has long been considered a leading cause of this annoying condition.

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Thanks. Hubby has had a number of blood tests these last few months and he does have an iron deficiency, but his RSL wasn't helped by supplementing iron, and nothing else shows up in blood tests. I am upping the nutrition of his meals to increase his intake of the essential minerals. We'll see if that helps.

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My ferritin (iron stores) are low and I’ve Ben getting twitching all over my legs for a couple of months, sometimes my arms too. Maybe this is why?

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It's certainly a possibility. But, supplementing with just any iron won't do. Try getting heme iron. Though expensive, it is the closest to your body's regular iron. Make sure you follow the directions for proper usage as too much iron is a bad thing too. Best of luck.

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I’ll try magnesium spray I think 🤔

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Hope it helps!

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My symptoms are an urge to sort of clench various muscles in arm and legs. Usually presents at night. Thought I had some sort of neurological disease. Neurologist came up with low iron , though no mri makes me a bit concerned. Guess she felt the rest of my exam didn’t warrant one. Anyway I’ve since gone off iron cause it aggravated reflux.

Best thing for me when it’s bad, is to go to my recliner for the night. It seems that feeling of being enclosed or contained within the chair, helps.

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Yes i was told to start taking iron.

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I recently stopped eating meat so thinking iron would make sense to take.

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So sorry you have restless legs. I have had it since I was 18. I am now 70 and have had years with this terrible syndrome. I have a few tips that helps me. I have tried two different medications. The first one was Requip. That worked for years and then it just didn’t. Now I take Pramipexole with success. Also, Alcohol makes restless legs worse. Exercise helps as long as it’s early in the day. Good sleep hygiene is absolutely necessary. I can’t watch TV while in bed. No digital devices

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I get this thing with quietiapine, a different drug. It drives me nuts!!!

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