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Where do I go from here

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I’ve struggled with anxiety for a while now, but recently it has gotten a lot worse. Even if I have nothing to be anxious about I feel like there’s a huge weight on my chest. I can’t sleep most nights, and have night terrors on a regular basis where I wake up screaming. I’ve realized I will never be good enough for myself, never thin enough, never pretty enough, funny enough, etc. I feel like I can’t talk to anyone about it because I don’t want them to think less of me and I don’t know what they could say. Today I burnt myself with a lighter and I never thought I would ever be in a place to consider hurting myself. Even writing this makes me second guess if I’m really feeling this way or if I am making it up. I don’t know what is wrong with me

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When you begin to feel inadequate remember that the world taught you those feelings. The world sold that into each of our hearts to get us to buy a million products and to undergo surgeries and to spend money. Big ceos are buying boats and mansions that cost enough to feed every child in need. And they are doing it by telling us we are not good enough. You have never once been not good enough, it is the world that is not good enough for us.

It’s been the same for me as well, except I’ve not hurt myself or thought of it. I’ve lost my appetite because even eating seems to be too tiresome. I’ve had this huge weight on my chest for almost a month and it doesn’t allow me to do anything let alone sleep. I’ve started to feel as if I’m not good enough, my job is too mediocre and so much more.

So you are not alone in this. I feel like better days will come but for that I’ve to get through this and I don’t know how.

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