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Anxiety vs. Anger

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Have you heard the expression that anxiety is anger turned inward. Well today I’m fuming mad at a relative who lied about something that i think was pretty significant, and right in front of me. This was after we had discussed what the truth was, BUT, enter an outsider and out comes the lie. When i called her on it after the person left, there was excuse after excuse. I AM SO MAD. The sorry thing is that this person relies on me for help with some things around the house on a regular basis. I don’t want to do it anymore. I think less of her now. I’m not sure if i’ll get over the anger or at least the reason for it.

Not sure how I’ll handle things going forward but I know this. I like anger so much more than anxiety. It is a much more familiar feeling. This is going to make me think more closely about this anxiety thing that’s been creeping back in to my life this past month. If there is a way to turn this outward..... well people beware. I don’t think I’m mad at myself, so I just need to figure out who.....

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I'm not a psychologist, but I read somewhere a long time ago that the mind cannot experience fear and anger at the same time. It's one or the other. So it looks like your anger replaced your anxiety. That might sound good at first, but do you really want to go through life peed off all the time? In the long term, anger won't do your mind or body any good. It will be much better for you to get rid of them both.

I have been in therapy all my adult like.

I suffer from anxiety and depression.

"Depression is anger turned inward."

At times, I too get very angry when I am feeling anxious about something.

I am not sure exactly what causes the anger except that I am so tired of being sick!

Are you seeing a Dr or therapist about your anxiety?

Keep coming back and let us know your progress.


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