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Magic and mirth in mundane moments


What do you find recharges you, refreshes you? Brightens you?

For me one thing is switching up what I am working on wether it be cleaning a different way or in my art or rolling through the day trying to make a difference for someone by listening to my heart.

This morning I’m being tugged at by negativity and some of this is my fault but I keep standing tall for others because of the love. Love ❤️ love ❤️ ❤️ love

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I like to take drives....but right now it's terribly cold so it's no fun getting out of the car and walking around like we usually do. So art therapy works for me right now.....and sooner than not the weather will change again....and I'll get out a bit more hopefully....

Cool. 😎 What type of art are you working on? I’ve been meaning to create something. I need motivation.

I'm cheating like mad.....doing others stuff.....cubists....and impressionists......I am not in the frame of mind to be original right it's just art therapy. I find something I really like, and do my own slight twist and color changes that I like to it. One artist is actually a Peruvian weaver and does such beautiful colors and the images are like paint by number for great skill involved. I do have a painting background, and had a second major in art in I know the mechanics to creating original work, which I have in the past....but right now I just need to keep the hamster wheel in my head I keep what I'm doing simple and colorful.... I'm easy that way.

So awesome! I love hearing about where your art is taking you and how you are benefiting from it. I soooooo wish I wasn’t so restless it is so difficult for me to get into creating. Oooh so I’m going to see what I can find and make a slight twist to it, that’s a great idea. Best toy you!

exactly.... it's not like we are doing this for any other purpose than keeping our heads busy and it's a positive meditative thing painting...and it feels good. I just started looking on the internet and finding stuff....some of it was trial and error...but that's why we can do what we want to with what interests us. I just print and trace and color in....and actually there is a bit of shading and alteration needed but that's all part of the fun.

Oh yeah! I’m thinking I want to paint animals, like not in a realistic way, abstractish. Like cheetahs. What are you painting?!

right now I'm doing an under sea animals pic....jellyfish, and stuff...but not realistic, it's done in like a symbolic image kind of aboriginal pictorial representation of nature.... Native American, South American primal images....

I love that style too! Natural. organic .with symbolism ... I just rough sketched a leopard layer out on a small page. I’ll study some leopards and then do another sketch at least

Have fun with your sea...will you share it? I’ll share mine if you want.

Personally, right now nothing brightens my day but I stay as positive as possible. Thank you for the love ! Back at you ❤️

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I hear ya! It is just that way sometimes. Sometimes I have to force myself out into nature and sometimes nothing changes but yeah we still try. You are strong. Thanks for the ❤️

I find being by the coast helps me or listening to a CD that I've got of wolf howls, yes the last 1 is strange, but it works for me!

water really is peaceful to me too.... I've grown up by the ocean and always found great solace in just sitting and watching and listening to the waves break on shore or against the rocks....

I don't live by the coast, but go when I can, just seems to help me forget about my worries for a while

Water is so healing.

streams and lakes do it for me too....I just feel calm around the water. They say it's a primal instinct attraction because we evolved from water, and our gestation is in water....hence....attraction to body's of water.... I don't know.

I think the wolf howls is awesome. I can defidently picture myself listening to that.

I'm a rain and waves sound person...that just lulls me to a calm place....

Same. I picture laying in the sand with the waves running into my head and washing out all the junk.

I'll tell you the one image in my mind I'll never forget and hope it's the last thing I remembering seeing.... the turquoise clear blue water of Bora Bora....I'd dreamed my whole life of seeing tropical islands, and plants and snorkelling in the crystal blue water where everything is like looking into a giant aquarium. I have had many great adventures in my limited time of being able to do so.....and that one tops them all. The Pacific coast, redwood trees, the painted deserts and the endless desert sky full of stars.... but that's the one thing I'll never forget.....the colors of the fish, and how friendly they were and the color of the shallow tropical

Quiet peaceful moments with music recharges me. Time spent with my children specifically outside. Vacation away from work and most of all vacations to the beach.

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sounds nice.....I'm ready for that too.....I need a brake from having a full house though.

Oooh me too those are really great ones. Now I am dreaming of the beach while it’s 40 degrees out here. Beeeaaaach 😆

I typically have a bunch of things I enjoy doing, even when I’m struggling with anxiety. The past few days it seems like it is just never ending, and nothing sounds appealing. Really hoping this feeling will go away. I had an emergency surgery a month ago so I’ve been out of work and dealing with pain, now just feeling weak even though I go back to work next week. It’s just taking over so much right now.

Wow I am so sorry you are having to deal with the effects of the surgery... take advantage of the time you have to rest. (((((((((((((Hug)))))))))))))) I’m sorry it’s taking over for you. I wish you could come over we could look up ideas to create and have some tea. ❤️

Thank you so much! What a kind soul.

(((((((((((((Big hug)))))))))))))

Hearing new, poetic voices that stimulate my own imagination.

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MrMonk!!! 😆

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Ah, Starrlight! I hope any of the negativity of morning has left with the light of day, and you are at peace with those bright companions of yours, the stars.

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That sounds beautiful. It’s been quit a day and now I feel amazing. I feel centered in the sky amongst the others as you say :)

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Wonderful! Be warm by the blaze of this beautiful, mundane moment, and if there should come a cold wind, wrap yourself in remembrance, as the wind just blows past you. Peace, always.

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