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Something good about you


I’m struggling with anxiety and depression as I’m sure many of you are and I am making some bad choices, feeling like right now this community is my only outlet that listens and loves. I just cannot talk to family right now. The only thing I can think to help is Let’s Love ❤️ Ourselves.

What do you love about yourself? What have you done Right lately?

I love that I show my kiddos a pure beautiful love.

I love that I am determined

I love that I am creative

I am a good problem solver

I have made it this far... let’s keep going!

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I love my tenacious spirit and ability to rise above circumstances. I love that people see strength in me that I don't always see in myself and I am willing and flexible to accept the perspective of others, often. I love the friends who love me, support me, encourage me in spite of all my challenges. I love the fact that I have finally found my voice now if I could only find the confidence to finish my manuscript.

I love the sanctuary of these communities online within HealthUnlocked and the many wonderful friends I have met here who trust me with the insights gleaned in and through their own evolving journey of resiliency. You all give me hope to carry on.

I don't hear at all from my surviving sibling and it has been a deep hurt in the past - but you all have become siblings in a way that I can't really put in words without tearing up.

Never doubt the impact you are making when encouraging each other.

(((((((Hug))))))) sorry for your pain. I love the things you listed about yourself. I love what you say about impacting by encouragement.

Appreciate the hug and your understanding and the opportunity to focus and share some good things about myself.

I love that I try my best to be compassionate and kind.

I love that I’m making a real effort to be a better person - I’m working a 12 Step program, I’m trying to do my part to improve my relationships with people in general and my bf in particular.

Starrlight in reply to Kat63

You are amazing, Kat! I’m cheering you on! ❤️


Hi Magicdreamer love ❤️ to you

BEEEEG love ❤️ to you too, Sweetheart! 💎 Thank you. ❤️

Awww 🥰 Thank yoooouuuu!!!!

I love that you let me have Starrlight in my pocket when I couldn't go it alone the other day.

Starrlight in reply to BoboMum

Awesome! How are you today my friend? I think you are amazing.

Great post! I love the positivity!

What I love about myself: I simply love me for being me. I love my openness to new things and willingness and even excitement at learning new skills, new arts, new everything! I love my willingness to be very forgiving, being quick to do so. I love my humility...oooops! ...guess I have to work on that one! 😜 I'm very blessed that JEG is so patient with me. Evidently I require a LOT of patience in someone very close to me. Not really a surprise. 😏

Starrlight in reply to BonnieSue

Nice BonnieSue! You’re fun too.

I am caring



I volunteer

my family come first.

all the hair on my back and chest and none on my head NOT.

Starrlight in reply to kenster1

I like your list so much 😊

kenster1 in reply to Starrlight

cheers apart from the last one mind you.yours are great maybe if you feel down you can look back on them to get yourself up again.

Hi Starrlight, I love that I am forgiving and forgiven. I love that I have faith in God. I love my family even though they don’t always understand me.


BonnieSue in reply to Ddorne

So wonderful to see you here! I haven't seen you in ages. I hope you're doing well! 😊🙏💜🌈☀️🦚🌴🌴🌟🤗

Starrlight in reply to Ddorne


I love realizing that it really will get better and it’s taken me a hell of a long time to realize that. Let us help you thought with whatever “bad choices” you refer to.

Sometimes I feel like I sabotage myself. Nice to know things will get better. It’s hard to see that.

I can write. I have had my writing published by several companies. One song made the regular rotation in some states.

I am good at sewing.

I have a very high IQ.

None of the above seems that impressive.

I like everybody else's answers better.

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