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My hands feel gross dirty greasy all the time


It's hard to touch my phone screen without wiping it every few seconds and using hand sanitizer often.. I hate hate hate the feeling of the greasiness it makes me want to cry and I really just want it to stop. I don't want anyone to disgnose me I just really want a quick fix here. Wearing gloves probably not an option because I'm also terrified of social rejection.

I wash my hands whenever this happens and my skin dries out very quickly. I think I've become addicted. I need some kind of solution that will stop myself from thinking about it too much please help

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Just to add on to it no I don't experience any regular ocd symptoms like sorting stuff or whatever I just need someone to help me

You might actually need to see someone, sooner the better, you said you think you've become addicted. They might help before it gets worse

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The quickest fix would be to see a psych doctor and describe your symptoms. SSRI's will reduce them.

OCD can take many forms. I have OCD and sometimes I need to check things multiple times (like the stove at night, make sure the door is locked, etc.).

Excessive hand washing is one form of OCD.

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Brettbolt, reading your text I have to say I do the same I check things so many times like my balcony door I know I locked but I will go in bed then get again up and check again and again I think if I don’t check I don’t feel safe to go sleep lol

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