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Terrible rumination

I need help. I am severely anxious and depressed stemming from a traumatic experience that occurred last year. I ruminate every minute of every day on these events. I have tried lexapro and Zoloft, none of which did much to help me. Going to the psychiatrist tomorrow to explore new meds to quiet my mind and help me get some sleep. Anyone take any anti depressants that have helped with both trauma and sleep? Thanks.

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I’m so sorry you’re going through this.

I’m glad you’re seeking help to deal with the rumination. My understanding is that it can take a while to find the right meds.

So wearing when your thoughts won’t leave you alone.

Wishing you peace and stillness of mind and a way back to enjoying your life with your family x

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Thank you...

I hope your therapist is helping you with this trauma as well....medication is only a small part of helping us...I think the work is more helpful in the long run. Sorry your going through all this.....

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Well we have been doing emdr. Hasn’t helped yet...

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I've tried this CBD oil as an alternative, and it was too low of a dosage than what was recommended to be most effective...but eventually I will try it again....it's just expensive....so that cost is an issue....but it worked for me subtly....similar to the SSRI I take....and every little bit helps for me... others have routines, exorcise to release endorphins, etc.

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