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Loss of appetite during bouts of anxiety/depression?

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Hello all,

I am a new member and wanted to stay hello. I also wanted to ask a question. When I have a bout of strong anxiety the first thing that goes is my appetite. It’s as if my stomach completely shuts down and food is the last thing I could possibly want. But I realize not eating or drinking can cause more problems and dehydration, so it’s a vicious cycle. I know many people tend to eat more when anxious. Maybe the answer is to just not fight it and listen to my body, but my doctor says to not get dehydrated. So I’ve been forcing myself to drink and eat as much as I can. I’m hoping to get some comfort by hearing from others who experience this and, if you’d like, what’s worked for you in breaking this cycle. Or even if you can simply relate and share your experience, I’ll feel less alone in this. Thank you for reading.

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Yes! For me the first thing that goes is my appetite and I can barely choke down a piece of toast. I do have to force myself to eat as well. When this happens I start to make smoothies or drink meal replacement and a lot of water

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Yes, I’ve been doing meal replacement shakes as well. Thank you for sharing this :)

Yup me too! It's the first thing to go. Believe it or not serotonin directly effects your stomach and digestive system so that is why that happens. When you have a dip in serotonin it can cause upset stomach, no appetite or even diarrhea. I do yogurt, smoothies and shakes too because just the thought of chewing things makes me want to vomit. Hang in there. I hope you feel better. That is always how I know I am by starting to feel better...when I can eat and want to eat. I havent eaten much in 6 days right now:(

Hi, I always lose my appetite when I get a bout of anxiety. As the bouts only last for about 6 weeks I try to look on the positive side and think it’s a good way to lose weight. I just drink lots of water and have small snacks.I always know that when I recover my appetite come back same as normal.

Try not to worry about it as it does pass. Take care x

This happens to me too. It’s awful. I literally have to gag things down.

But, for me, I make sure I drink a lot of water even though I have to force myself to do it. And I just eat small snacks throughout the day. Sometimes a whole meal just doesn’t work for me so I do small portions. I hope that helps and just remember you’re not alone 🖤

Yip! I eat to survive at the minute, hunger goes when you have depression/anxiety

This happens to me as well. My smoothies would consist of peanut butter and ice cream at times. For me it hasn't been the anxiety specifically. However it's when the anxiety goes on for so long that I begin to get depressed. Then my appetite goes.

I have to force myself to eat. When I get on scale keeps going down and worries me. It is hard to force to eat. Don't have much trouble drinking.

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