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Alone & Anxious-Just Moved


We just moved about 28 miles away from our previous house. Nearest family is that distance away. I suffer from PTSD and health anxiety. To make a long story short, whenever I feel nauseous or have any “abnormal” physical symptom, I panic and have catastrophic thoughts. My fears are that I’ll get sick and need medical attention and no one is there to help me and take care of my kids. I just woke up and had the runs and this is where my mind went. Now, I’m up pacing and can’t fall back asleep. Please, I could some encouragement. I feel so alone and vulnerable.

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Omg you sound just like me! Worried that if there is a medical emergency that no one will find me and I will die. I am hone with my 5 year old and I know she cant get me medical attention if something happened. I dont know if you are religious but I tell myself...everything has already been predetermined and there is nothing I can do to change it. If God wanted me to go in my house by myself then that's his will. We dont know how we are going to go so there is no use thinking about it. Trust me I still have to practice what I preach but it has definitely helped

Worrywort626 in reply to Txaps

I am not religious but I do believe in a higher power and that things happen for a reason (mostly). I hate my thought process and my overreaction each time. I really try to reign it in with my kids as I don’t want them to have the same reaction. Thank you for responding. I appreciate the feedback.

Txaps in reply to Worrywort626

No worries. When I get like that I try to hang with my family more. Playing board games, cards, whatever to stay busy

Could you join the local gym, library, bike/walking trails, continuing Ed classes?

I have health induced anxiety too. It’s really hard and I can for sure relate with you. You become hyper aware of your bodily functions and what most people shrug off, can cause a full blown panic attack. Your children are lucky to have a mom that cares for them like you do... I’m here if you ever need to chat with someone who knows how it feels. I’m sorry you are having a rough time with your recent move and I wish you nothing but peace and calm. ❤️

Messaging you now!

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