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Connecting other anxiety/depression sufferers with online support & resources? (English or Russian)

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Hello! I've experienced varying levels of anxiety and depression for most of my life, but I was fortunate to have access to professional cognitive behavioral therapy that has helped me immensely. Just discovering that effective therapies really do exist and that meaningful recovery is possible changed my life.

However, I have people in my life who simply do not have access to the kind of care I was fortunate enough to receive. These include young people living in communities that are not always understanding of mental health realities. They have communicated to me how alone and desperate they feel, like they need a lifeline, but there is little understanding of or support for mental health conditions in the countries in which they live.

I am particularly interested in finding Russian-language resources and groups, but I'm hampered in searching for these directly by speaking very limited Russian. English would also work, though (most of these people are more comfortable in Russian but bi- or tri-lingual). If anyone has suggestions or links, I would be deeply appreciative.

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I think you simply have to change your google search preferences to Russian...and you'll find your search page will mostly be in Russian....good hunting.....happy holidays.

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You're correct, but my problem isn't with running the basic search but with assessing site content.

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I really hope this works for you. I'm very frustrated right now because I'm 98% Russian but my mom & baba would speak in russian so we wouldn't know what they're saying. I only know a little, plus trying to translate can be difficult with this language. I wish you all the best, how lovely of you to help these people, they are blessed to have you! Love, peace, light, joy & hugs for you!

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