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Just updating to say...

This Group has helped me so Much... There is Mych Strength in Numbers !!!

—my dr appt went well. My husband has been actually talking to me (well a lot more than usual)

—right now my pain is like a #14, on A scale from 1 to 10 but at night and with colder weather it intensifies the pain ,as well as the holiday coming up and missing my best friend of 30 years, that passed in January ...it’s like we were one person- like she was my wife ! and I’m married, I’m female- I have a husband! But, she knew me more than I knew myself — God it’s believable !! And in 6 yrs I have had 7 loved ones pass.... by rd sooo hard, I miss them all so much... but my sister/friend of 30 yrs has TRULY effected me... EVERYDAY !! I’ve reached out to others, as friends but w/no success.. it just doesn’t feel right. My husband does NOT understand how Grief effects every aspect of your Life. This entire year I may have went out of our house ,maybe 20 times.. I’m just sooo Lost.

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I lost my oldest daughter to cancer this past April. I am trying to remember her being strong and healthy and the sweet little things she would say and do. I am lost when talking about the finality of it, but uplifted when speaking of her life. When we have feelings that drag us down we need to replace it with some positive thoughts even if we have to leave the house to do it! Drive around, or shop, or visit, to think of the things that build us up. I have been home a long time too, so I am trying to do all I asked you to try.

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