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Pain and worthlessness

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I am new the site and the reason I joined is because I have major severe depression. Over the years, I have been holding things because I feel there is no one to talk to, family and friends that don't understand me nor listen to how I feel. I begin to close myself from the world. I have harm myself on several occasions. There are days that I feel that I don't belong on this Earth and I am worthless to anyone and myself. Can I overcome this pain and feeling?

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hi and a very warm welcome to you.guess what now you are not alone as you have 30 odd thousand people on here who once thought like are not worthless but worth something and then some.please open up to a family member or even a friend you can trust but please have a chat with your doctor of your feelings.of course you can overcome it and wit support you will.

I'm familiar with holding things in. I often feel worse when I share my problems in real life, because it's blown off. I basically hold things in and become paralyzed. People only want to hear good news or either they listen to my bad stuff and have no real response. I wish I had a pet to give and receive love. Maybe focus on things that give u joy and spend less time on negative?

Hi bluetazz1,

I just joined as well because of similar feelings and I want you to know you’re not alone. You can always talk to us.

How are you feeling, precious friend? First let me say, you are not worthless, and you never will be worthless. What you say concerns me, and I am wondering if you have been to see a doctor? I remember that feeling of being in a black hole and feeling like I did not have value. When I got on medication, everything changed, and I was able to see things so much more realistically. I'm wondering if a doctor might help you too. When the medicine started working, I felt so much better about myself. I also want to encourage you to speak with a counselor, so that he or she can help you gain perspective. I used to be afraid to go to a counselor; I felt embarrassed and ashamed, but once I started going and the counselor challenged my wrong thinking, things got better. I also wanted to encourage you to get the book The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. It helps to gain perspective on your worth as well. Hugs to you. Many of us have felt similar to what you express here, but it doesn't have to stay that way.

i am on meds and do see a doctor but i feel that the medsdo not work

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