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It’s Unending

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I had a falling out with my sisters six years ago. Not only have they moved on, but I have been a catalyst for their closer connection. During these years, my depression over this loss has been unending. I finally talked with one of them and learned how happy they are with each other. They do not want me back into their lives. I want to move on. I have received therapy and in groups dealing with depression. I have tried to find constructive ways to move past this. My depression just won’t let go of me.

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Wait they said they don't want you back?

How sad. They sound petty and immature. I would feel rejected if this happened to me. Being cut off from family is so painful. Their opinion of you is not a reflection of your worth or the reality of who you are as a person. Create a chosen family for yourself. No matter how much you think and ruminate about this situation, you cannot change it. Your depression can start to lift as you build a life for yourself apart from them.

I am going through the same thing . This is the first anniversary of my dad's death and my three sisters have not wanted me to be a part of their lives since then. Two of my sisters live together so they have each other and my youngest sister has moved my mom into her house. I am not welcome to visit mom there so I feel like I've lost her too. In one year I have lost my whole family. The hurt and depression is unbearable at times. It is so hard at Christmas to see all the families around me celebrating and enjoying their family. We always had big family gatherings till dad died. I don't know the answer to help you, just know that there is someone who understands.

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