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I’ve to travel on Monday and I’m just to overwhelmed, can’t pack , can’t choose clothes can’t think straight, my stomach hurting , burning so much, nausea , feeling cold and hot but I haven’t got a temperature, unfortunately I’m traveling on my own to visit my elderly mother, so God knows what’s going to happen , long journey by train , plane and train again , what I’m going to do? 😢

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Listen to music , blast it while your home and pack. Dance and sing ,then on the train put your earphones on and listen to book on tape. You need to distract your thoughts😎


Sometimes we get overwhelmed when we are thinking way too far ahead. You are already on your way in your mind.

But that's not true.

Set small goals and force everything else out. Step 1) lay out clothes...nothing else. SUCCEED Step 2) put clothes in luggage...nothing else. SUCCEED

It is one step at a time. No more. Concentrate on EACH step. Each small success adds up to a successful trip.

Enjoy your trip. Say hello to your Mom for us!

Melaxx in reply to Hidden

I had some really bad time lately, this place has been a saviour ( literally) Thank you and Happy Holidays 😊

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Thank you. Just for being you.

That is enough.

You matter.

Stilltrying_ in reply to Hidden

I love this reply Dominic1117. I have a very difficult time for some reason packing anything at all . I have a very short holiday planned just after Christmas and I keep worrying how am I going to get the stuff packed, even though It is quite easy as it is just a walking holiday for four days and I don't need lots of different clothes and it is in this country so all I have to do is drive fora about three and a half hours.

I have sort of half planned on asking a best friend if she will just stand there while I try and do it. I don't know what the fear is really but I know I need to take those steps you mention. I will think about putting stuff out bit by bit. I am really scared but if I don't put it out then I can't go.

Maybe this lady could ask a friend too if there is one who may stand while she tries to do it. It could just be moral support we need but I really like your suggestions and i am going to try myself. Gemma

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The overwhelming feeling comes when we put our minds at Step 31 and become haven't done the prior 30 steps. You think there is SO much to do.

Lay out each outfit completely. Count the days...count the outfits...throw in am extra just in case.

If we just do the NEXT thing that needs to be done, in a sensible order, the result is less stress and more success.

Good luck to both of you.

Enjoy your trip!

You matter. You got this. No worries.

I do understand how you feel, I’m going away next month and I’m ok until it’s mentioned as it’s a family holiday and I think I’m dealing with it but sub consciously I not really. This is an older post I see, how did it go for you? xx

Glad you replied to this older post as I’m dealing with the same subconscious anxiety. In October I’m going to visit my daughter. I haven’t seen here in 4 years (even though we talk a lot on the phone. But I’m flying by myself to a place I’ve never been. Even though that was never a problem for me (my spirit was always adventurous), since being diagnosed with depression and anxiety, I find I’m limited in the ease in which I could always do them. If I can do them at all. The tips were good ones; taking a small step at a time. And my saving grace is I don’t have to do anything. For me that’s not defeat just acceptance of limitations. AND I’m better if I don’t push myself feeling like I Should!

Anyway good luck to both of us. We’ll get through it together. No matter what “it” might be. Lynne

Aaah thank you for the reply Lynne you’re doing brilliantly to do it on your own, feel proud.

glad it’s not just me feeling like this though.

yes we’ll do it 👍🏻 will have to let each other know how well we did 😊

Sam xx

Yes, we will! I’ll PM You.

Great 😊

I’m going away for two weeks on 19 October

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