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Other than my depression, anxiety, family problems, and loneliness everyday. I'm now on the list for a possible brain surgery. The worst part about this issue is the fact that depression must be under control. My neurologist and psychiatrist are not agreeing on how to overcome my depression. What hope is out there if even doctors can't agree on a treatment plan.

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I know this might sound cliche but Jesus has really helped me overcome everything I’ve ever had an issue with friends and family come and go but he has always been consistently there for me. I will keep you in my prayers because I too have my struggles with depression and anxiety

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It kind of sounds like there may be some issues as to which treatment would be best and not create issues with the surgery. Keep advocating for your needs, maybe ask each doctor separately what they recommend, then compare the list to see if there is a common treatment. To help with the depression, perhaps keep a grateful journal. Each day, write down even the smallest thing that made you smile, maybe giggle or just made you feel a little less sad. Then on the tougher days, read back through it. Challenge yourself at first to name 5 things, then gradually try to increase the list. Prayers for peace and strength for you and wisdom for all involved.

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