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A Little Something in Common??

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I am currently taking anxiety medication, and most days, its great. I am in a good mood, never overthink. But then some days I'll be fine, then all of a sudden everything comes crashing down and I don't know why. I was having a good day today then all of a sudden I just started crying for no reason. I just think of some things and I just cry and cry.

Is that weird? Is anyone else like me?

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What medication are u taking for anxiety? And do u have depression too? I find myself crying all the time.

Clonazepam! and yes, my medication is more geared towards my anxiety too. And I dont cry all the time anymore, just like once in awhile. And if I feel an episode coming on, I take a pill and within 45 minutes I am okay again.

Have u talk to your doctor about it?

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YolyD in reply to NetflixLover25

I agree. Consult with your doctor. Where the pills prescribed by him? Are they working for you? Perhaps he can recommend something to take on a daily basis. It would be great for you to start feeling energized and ready to take life on, on a daily basis.

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Yes, it is my first time on this medication, so hes just seeing how this is going for me. I do take them on a daily basis. It doesn't happen everyday, just like, once a week or once every two weeks I'd say.

Hi. I am a 30 year veteran of anxiety disorder and wasn't of legal age to vote when indoctrinated. Every anxiety response is emotional and so is the depression. I don't pretend to know how the chemicals are released. The aspect that has snared me in the past (bad days or weeks, and unbelievably horrible ones) is the slow undercurrent way a fear or worry can build until it becomes a physical symptom, which includes tears. Cumulative stress is my bugaboo. Sometimes we are, at best, vaguely aware of the brick by brick way these things can build until there is enough that something happens and we take notice. You might need to cry, to release, and maybe you will even figure out why. I know if I'm in a hard funk a cry can come easily. It stinks not to feel in good form, and it's okay to cry. Don't worry about having answers immediately. Most life learning comes with reflection. Peace for you.

The same thing happens to me at times. Sometimes I know what set it off other times I don't. I do also have a diagnosis of depression as well as the anxiety so I frequently do have bouts of depression. It is more discouraging to feel so good and then it falls apart, especially when you don't know what triggered it.

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