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A little laugh!


So I have been having some challenges of late. I went out to shovel the foot & half of snow off my car , couldn't get it all, took a break because of my back , went back out, turned car on, did more shoveling while car heated up,then finished cleaning it off fine!

Came in, found out my hunky hubby is coming home tonight,groovy, then I get the guilt, oh my there is some garbage to burn, better do it! Go out to the burn pile in ft. & half of snow , now my back has already been bothering me!. Alright I'm on my way going back, next thing you know I'm on all fours...laughing...trying to get up..hands freezing...what a site! Good thing is I had a good laugh at myself!

Love , Peace & Joy to you all!! XXX

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Wish I was there to laugh with you... and steal some snow!!!

Hidden in reply to Starrlight

I'm telling you it could of been on funniest videos, my hands were so cold, yet I couldn't stop laughing to get up! I have all kinds of snow to give away....free too...hahaha!!!

Starrlight in reply to Hidden

Laugh = live longer

Dubba61 in reply to Starrlight

You can have some of mine Star. We got loads here on the East coast. Again! 🐧🐧😊

Starrlight in reply to Dubba61

I think I will have some more then! Whoohoo

LOL.... I hope you are okay, your poor back. Have a great weekend you lovebirds ❤ So cute how in love you are. Big hugs.

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No , that's the good thing landing on all fours! It was hysterical, I was in stitches!!!!!!!!!! Hugs & Joy for You ! XXX

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