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Last Monday we got the official word that the baby is my fiance's and as soon as that was proven the mother of the child filed and order of protection claiming horrible things against my fiance in the attempt to have his parental rights away. Mind you none of the allegations are true. So with that being said, my fiance have been extremely stressed, not sleeping. Last night was the holiday gala for my job we attended, but as soon as I got there my anxiety was in full gear. I do not like being the center of attention, and my fiance kept pressuring me to dance, which made my anxiety worse. In the mean time he has promised to set a side a day during the week for just us, no discussion of court. Just us doing whatever. Well today was supposed to be that day, but he has been asleep all day, I have tried to wake him selveral times and he would stay up for 10 minutes then doze off. I get that he needs to sleep, but what about me? I've been sitting here all day just crying , no one to talk to.

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You need to look after yourself and think about what you want to do with yourself. This post is all about him, you exist too. Find things to do for you, if its only getting out and buying yourself a tea or a coffee. You are losing yourself in another persons problems. All my best wishes.

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