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My Anxiety OverPowers My Depression , I need help


I am currently facing depression problems such as suicidal thoughts and hopeless feelings . Anxiety problems like heart racing scared of everything in a way like going to work and losing my girlfriend little things scare me and I live with constant worry

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I know the feeings all too well. (((Hugs)))

I feel much the same way. How do you manage to get through the day?

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Thats why Im Here For Help, Its Really Challenging tbh .. I Smoke weed so that helps me but on a normal day I usually try to keep myself busy try not to think about it.. Night times be the hardest so dont go to bed unless your ready to sleep because its all about your thought process

Hi, I'm sorry you're hurting. Have you seen a professional about these issues? Are you in good health? Do you have diet or habits that may be feeding your depression and anxiety? If the conditions are uncontrolled and really affecting your daily function, you it may be helpful to see a professional. They may put you on meds that can help you while you begin some sort of therapy or counseling. My brother inlaw struggled with anxiety and depression for a long time. He was afraid of going on meds, so he held off going to the doctor. Once he decided to go, the doctor put him on an antidepressant that immediately helped his depression. He's been going to therapy and getting better. My sister is very happy and is amazed at the changes he is undergoing.

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Scared to talk to someone about seeking help, I feel like im all alone in my head & thats why I came here to find online help meds might be the key for me but idk nothing about therapist & im only 17 so idk about the pricing or anything

Hi, have you been doing better? If you can't get professional help at this time, you must talk to someone ie. your parents, friends, campus counselor about what you are struggling with. You are hurting and there are people who love you and want to come along your side to support you. Hiding it and pretending everything's okay can hurt you even more. If that's still too hard for you right now, here's a very resourceful website you can browse. There are crisis helplines you can call or text.


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Sorry Im Late Thank You & Lately I've Been Feeling Better Even Tho Eventually It'll Come Back I've Just been distracting myself good

Most people relate to exactly how you are feeling. I wouldn’t wish this disease on my worst enemy. I know it’s hard to push yourself when all you want to do is sit in the misery; but I always recommend baby steps. Start with seeing a psychiatrist to get a proper diagnosis and maybe try medication. When you’re home feeling down or anxious, try things that keep your mind busy. I do crossword puzzles, write about how I’m feeling, watch a good show, take fun quizzes online and talk about it to people I trust. The goal is to keep your mind busy and distracted. I hope you feel better. Sending you hugs 🤗

Sorry Im Late But Thank You For The Advice Most Definitely Will Take Note

Hello. Are you currently seeing a therapist? On any meds? Samson

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No , But I am really in need .. Really dont know how to get started or even If I can afford one

As soon as I was starting to feel better yall it hit me again today at work , I seen some old stuff that reminded me of the breakup with my girl and It broke out again at work I was teary eyed , thinking about suicide after work and I couldnt handle it at the moment so I had to go home .. I'll never get a break they say crying helps & today I finally cried when I got home Im just hoping this feeling forever vanishes/

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