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I wish I could get my friends and family to understand

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I’m so tired of people saying I’m lazy and antisocial. It isn’t that I necessarily like staying home all the time, it’s just so much easier! My parents are always on me about getting out and about and just don’t understand how much energy it takes for me to do simple social acts. My friends don’t get why I don’t want to go have dinner at a random restaurant in the city. They don’t understand that the only things on my mind are the things that could go wrong! Kidnapped, lost, robbed, etc. They don’t understand that sleepovers are hellish for me because I actually love sleeping! It’s the only time I can fully relax. I avoid the things that exhaust me just to encounter another issue that takes even more energy out. I just wish I had a thought bubble that could show people how fast my thoughts are moving and how tiring my day to day life is. People don’t understand that I don’t have “anxiety” the feeling. I have the disorder that is out of my control! I’m just so tired of explaining it to people who are supposed to just accept me!

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Am sorry u struggling people who don’t have the disorder will never understand what we go through daily don’t be hard

On yourself be kind to yourself and do

Best u can do right now is alright to let your body rest and relax we have enough going on inside our heads we don’t need no extra B.S. am here if u want to talk is not your fault you have a disease we just have to learn how to deal with it am praying for u to have better days and

God give u strength everyday to heal

I am sorry to hear about your struggle,I'm glad you reached us,but trust me when I say, things won't really change even if they would understand you.

You are lucky you talked here today, at this hour so I could see it and reply to it, cause I can see that you have the misconception that the disorder is out of your control.It is not!w

You don't have full control, but you can have like 80% control over it.

So, the most important thing I can suggest is go to a specialist or Talk to your parents and have them take you to a specialist so you could understand better what you are feeling.Now, I saw that you don't want to open up to some stranger so, do some research, search some videos, search my videos:) , to get strong enough to be able to go to a specialist.

You will learn about it more, so you will control it better.

You don't have full control, but you can have like 80% control over it.

Don't give up to anxiety, don't give it the opportunity to have complete control over you.

Now, I'm sorry I have to be the bearer of bad news, but things could get worse if you stay on this path, which is why I am trying to explain the truth, so you will have a better grasp on what the result of your wish could be.

As your friends will accept your condition,you will be eventually phased out(over years, not immediately),not intentionally,but that's how bonds work. They will still be your friends, but the kind of friends you will just meet at official events(like weddings,graduations), and not because they want to,but because you won't be there to maintain the bond.

They won't stop going out, cause they enjoy going out. But they will stop inviting you as they accept the fact that you don't like to go out .

Also as I noticed by the behavior you explained, they accept you already, they just don't accept not going out cause they already know that by doing that the bonds grow weak.

Also keep in mind, that you are not anxiety.You just have anxiety.

Another solution would be, to get some friends that would make you feel comfortable,but for that yo also have to get out and search for them.

And your parents,well parents will never stop trying to tell you what to do.That's how parents are, and you will have to accept them.

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I think all of us feel like this. This is a completely relatable post. Thank you for posting. I've always wished that I could show people how I'm feeling & all the thoughts that I'm having. I don't really worry about all the stuff that could go wrong, but I always think everyone is going to judge me wherever I go. Like they just think I'm disgusting, worthless, whatever bad thing that you think about yourself, is probably me when I'm out & about. I have no self worth whatsoever. I do keep trying, but it isn't easy. I'm so sorry. I wish I knew what advice to give you, but I struggle so much with this too. Thanksgiving yesterday was a complete wreck for me. It ended up being amazing, but it was hard to leave the house! I would just recommend trying. You just have to repeat to yourself the same mantra. "It's gonna be great. You're gonna kick @$$. You're amazing. You're wonderful. You're an incredible human. It's all going to be great!" Even if you don't believe it, just say it anyway! Sometimes it tricks your head into thinking it enough for you to do it. And you know what? Maybe, just maybe... You'll have a great time! You'll survive. Nothing bad will happen. I wish you the best, dear. XOXO.

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