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How do I go on when my body fights me?


I work so hard to try to get well, and be active and healthy. I try to fight my depression and anxiety but I seem to be fighting myself. Last week I found out I have scoliosis in my lower spine and arthritis in my neck and upper back which is causing a lot of pain. I have made an appointment with a spine specialist to see what will happen next. Now I go to the OB/GYN and I have to get a punch biopsy to see if I have dyspepsia. I will wait a week to see what the results are. How do I get well, move on, with all these illnesses and problems fighting me? It seems like when I am about to get my head above the water, something throws more water on me so I can keep drowning. How do I fight the feelings and thoughts of doom and gloom when these things keep happening?

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It is not easy, as to scoliosis I have had it since as child, it gives me no problem. The arthritis I also have in my neck and back, thankfully it goes into remission, I also have it in my hands, ankles and knees. I take fish oil everyday and get a lot of relief. Try not to worry, stress will bring on inflammation, glad you are going to see a specialist he/she will get you on a road to healing, and if you are not already on an antidepressant that can help you. Mild exercise is a good thing for arthritis, I practice Hatha Yoga, and watch my diet, do not eat too much acid in my diet, that can cause a flare up, I love Italian food, but have given it up for the most part. Hope this is of help to you. Wishing you well.....Sprinkle 1......with love and ooo

dore13 in reply to Sprinkle1

Thank you for the tips, I want to try yoga but am not sure which one would be best for me. Interesting fact about acid foods , I didn't know that. How does arthritis go into remission? Diet and exercise?

"You can't control the curve balls life throws you, so you have to learn how to control yourself and change quickly to make sure the curve ball doesn't knock you out."

Mark Edwards (author)

Agora1 in reply to aaronm

Great advice aaronm.

Thanks for sharing. :)

dore13 in reply to Agora1

I feel like the curve ball hit me in the head. But I will try to endure, I'm just sick of fighting battle after battle.

Agora1 in reply to dore13

dore13, I've had so many curve balls hit me throughout my life both physically

and emotionally. And yet, each day I wake up and say to myself "I'm Back" with

a smile. We might not have control what life throws our way but we can control

in how we accept it. I take these challenges as a learning experience, a way to become stronger and a new journey. xx

dore13 in reply to Agora1

I hope to be as optimistic as you one day, but for some reason, this time I can't seem to see the future, I have been dealt blow after blow in succession. I'm tying to not think this way, and trying to overcome my issues , mentally and physically , but this time I'm just having trouble finding my center. I do see a therapist, and am on meds, however I am having trouble with making sense of it all. When you have nothing and no one, it is harder to find the fighting spirit I had. As for learning from experiences..... I've learned enough! LOL!

Had a psychiatrist who told me about a patient in pain, only to get relief through acupuncture after pain meds couldn't help. Hang in there and keep your head above water.

dore13 in reply to viiexplorer

Thank you, I will look into the acupuncture.

Iif you figure out a way please share. I ask the same questions every day. I’m only 45 and I’ve been living with severe pain for over half my life. I want to be a better mother wife teacher woman grandmother but the pain isolates me and causes even more depression and anxiety. What did I do in this world to deserve all of the pain and tragic life experiences?

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