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Panic Attack


It’s 430 am and I’m exhausted. I don’t sleep anymore. Was laid off back in April. Was lucky enough to get a new job but can’t make ends meet and going into major credit card debt. My kid (20yr old) is a spoiled brat. more lazy, walks all over me. I have no real family that I’m close to. No friends to talk to. The only people I seem to have around are ones who I think enjoy watching me spiral. Otherwise I don’t really understand the reason they’re even around. I am terrified of losing my home, being homeless with nothing and no one. I need mental health but my insurance doesn’t cover. I didn’t think it was possible to have less than nothing but it is. I can’t breathe and I can’t take anymore and I sit here and I try to help others but I can’t even help myself. I’m tired, just so tired.

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Hey, I'm sorry you are going through a rough time right now.

kick out your kids, sell home (OR better yet - first consult a lawyer so you dont have to lose anything, then go to insolvency and show middle finger to debtors, and finally then sell possessions - go live a woodsman lifestyle.

Sounds extreme, but sounds the exact medicine you need - to get away from all the things that bother you.

Whats the point otherwise - to constantly be bothered?

I had huge personal revelations once I was on a trip in northern parts - cold weather and tiring hikes made me rethink my life and throw away a lot of bad thoughts. If I could survive there I had zero fears from some insects called "banks" or "debt collectors".

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