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60 and suffering with anxiety and depression

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I Am so frustrated!!!!!!! I and 60 and on my own have no real responsibilities. I have two grown children my last one has left now two years both children are doing well I don’t have any reason to be depressed or anxious yet getting out of my house is the hardest and scariest thing for me.

I am usually good about going to work but now that is becoming an issue. I have spent the last 5 days in my bedroom only to leave it to get something to drink or eat and I live alone. I feel so stupid that I’m stuck in my room Just trying to find out if there are others that have the struggles

New to the group and looking for some conversation on how others cope.


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Seems sudden and progressive??? Have you seen a doctor? Please get as proactive as you can so your condition improves. Where are you located in the world?

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I’m in PA. It’s been an on going and progressing deal but seems to be getting worse

I have been taking my meds and they keep just adding on I feel a bit better for a week or two and then I fall back again

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Mind if I ask what mix of meds you are on and who is prescribing them? How often do you see a doc? Mental health professional?

You mentioned your children a lot in your post. Your identity for so long was that of a provider. Now no one is dependent upon you so you lost your compass in life. You are depressed which could be causing your anxiety. I would talk with a doctor. Medication might be an option or maybe cognitive behavioral therapy might be helpful.

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I agree with what you said to Annie425 about her place in life with her children out of the house. I was a ‘displaced homemaker’ when I found myself not a full time mom anymore. Lol. Sounds funny but true. Took me too long to realize everyone had moved on but me. Anyway...

I do agree about my children I was a single mom for many years and my daughter left two years now and has finally gotten a steady boyfriend. I guess I just don’t know who I am anymore and what my purpose is. Again feeling very childish and stupid

Sometimes this disease doesn't really become full blown till we are older, especially when the birds are out of the nest for a lot of women. It could be temporary, but if it's not, and you do have the long term depression....then you just need to get help. It's not easy because of the stigma to overcome that initial coming to terms you may need help with this....but it's not your fault, it's chemical, and it's manageable with the proper help. You have to try very hard to pull yourself together enough to move forward when your deep into the despair of this thing....but it's cyclical...ups and downs....don't be fooled by the up swing...you still will need help. Some do therapy...SSRI's..alternative methods of dealing with depression....but you have to taylor all that's available and work out your own maintenance....it's treatment and management, no different than any other disease.

I went through the empty nest...it's difficult to adjust to! Take care of yourself...now is the time to put yourself first!! Keep seeking the help you need...sometimes the first step can be the hardest! I've got you back & am here for you!!! Love & Hugs!! XXX

Annie, I was where you are now.

I had awful depression and anxiety.i had 5 sessions of acupuncture and now I have zero of both. I still take meds but I feel cured If you can afford the treatments I would tell you it’s worth a try


Hi Annie, I am almost 54. I went through what you are describing last year. I’m actually still going through it, but it has gotten better for me. I still struggle some at times. I am alone most of the time with my dog. She is quite a bit off company.

My 3 children all live in a different state. The youngest has been out of our home for about 2 years now. It feels so very lonely. I do have a husband, but he is a truck driver, and only home for a few days a month.

I’m free if you feel like chatting.

Wishing you peace.

Hi Annie,

I'm sorry you are feeling lonely and depressed. I'm a single mom too and when my daughter isn't here, I get very lonely. My dog and cats are great company though. Do you have pets? I also drive an older lady to appointments when needed and that gets me out. Is there someone nearby that could use your help? What about a daily walk in nature? I hope you'll be feeling better soon.

You are not alone. I’m in my 60s, retired, suffering from the same that you just described. This is not new ...I have been living most of my life in bed with a few breaks to just take care of the bare minimum...

So if you're going to work consider that as a total positive. I think that's amazing. There are others like you, I am one. I haven't been able to work since 1997. I am a total recluse and my best friends besides my trusty sidekick hound are woodpeckers and lizards. You are in my prayers now

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