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How do I gain confidence on talking to a girl?

So I have a situation, I have a generally close family, so saying this I'll visit my Uncle's house pretty frequently (it's 30 minutes by car), but theres a little problem, Theres a girl next door, Im told she likes me and that I should talk to her, but I don't know how, to add to this I've had unhealthy relationships because of this, the girl happens to be the same age as me and even seems to have some common interests, but I don't know where to start.

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There's a popular book on this topic called Models, by Mark Manson. It's basically about succeeding in dating and relationships by opening yourself up to vulnerability. Here's an excerpt:


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Try to remember past relationships are in the past and you have control of your life going forward. If you have common interest try asking her to participate in one with you. Or even if she would like to go out to eat and see a movie one day. Be brave and have courage:-)


BSF, if she lives next door, write her a note and put it where she will find it. Tell her you think she's cool and you would like to meet her. Use whatever the modern version of those things are. Set up a specific time. Find out her full name and see if you can text her (instant message or twitter works too). Again you can tell her you live next door and you think she's cool. Ask if you can meet at school, at her house or a popular spot in town. Be proactive about it, do some research and facilitate this contact yourself. You're a smart person. Find out who her friends are and see if one of them will pave the way for you. I have faith in you and I know you can do this!


Your common interests are a good start. See if there is something you can do together that would be fun for both of you without a lot of pressure. Leave her a note if you’re too nervous for that 1st talk. Good luck and you’ve got this!


BE YOURSELF... be positive..pay her a compliment..crack a joke...if its meant to be then u will do great.IF not..theres a million other fishies out there just waiting to talk to you!!


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