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Sit here and try every day to make it better for my wife and her anxiety and depression. I wasn’t the best and I know I messed up and made things worse by lien and cheating. When u open your eyes to the one person that was there for you when no one else was or wanted anything to do with you but she was right there. I don’t blame her for holding on to the past and what I did. I love her and my heart and soul belongs to her and her alone I never want to hurt her again or make her anxiety and depression worse and for some reason it gets worse. I don’t get why someone after 3 months would try reaching out but to start shit with us when things have been good yea we are struggling but it was going good why can’t people just let us be happy and work on things together her and I. I love you and I will spend every day and night trying to make things right and spend my life with you my beautiful and amazing wife. Please forgive me for all that I did and love me and care for me like u always have don’t leave me please 😢

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dang Nick, I've never been in this situation where I have lied and cheated, but I have felt the hopelessness of wanting someone back :( hang in there man. it kind of sounds like you're not really accepting the outcome of your actions.. sometimes there just is not a way to fix things... I hope you find clarity, and I hope it works out for you with her..

I’m sorry to hear this. Honestly I was cheated on by the father of my child after 10 years. I was devastated and lost. I left him bc I almost killed myself staying....but it wasn’t just bc of the cheating Nick. People are flawed and we all make bad decisions. No one is perfect....you honestly can win your wife back. But Nick it’s going to take a lot of work on your end. When she holds onto the past it’s bc you haven’t proven to her the future will be pleasant. She needs to feel that you are committed, that she can trust you, that you love her and more importantly that you have changed. If you need to talk or need some advice, message me. Please don’t do anything permanent if that was on your mind. We are here for you!

Hi Nick.

I was cheated on by my wife and like an idiot I stayed and put up with it, mainly because we have children but now I’m out of there now, personally I would/could never ever go back to life with her. Some people do go back but it just would not work out and they split and hopefully stay friends with each other, like I have done but the trust will never come back.

And once a CHEAT ALWAYS A CHEAT, maybe leave her alone and if she comes back then who knows, she is living with really awful illnesses give her some support. I’m sure she deserves it.


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