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My boyfriend and I have been living together basically since we started dating. We've been together almost 3 years. I'm ready to get engaged but he still doesn't seem like he is. We talk about marriage and he tells me he wants to get married and have a family through text but when I talk about it in person he doesn't engage in the conversation. I'm having dreams about getting pregnant and having a baby but when I wake up I instantly get depressed when I realize it's not reality. I need help understanding how someone can be with another person 3 years and not be ready for marriage but tells me it's going to happen. Hes not the kind of guy who expresses his feelings easily so I'm taking that into consideration.

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I’m admittedly a bit weird compared to the stereotypical guy but I feel like to even try and answer I would need more information. Without information I could only make speculative guesses.

Maybe he already views himself as being committed having lived together for 3 years?

Maybe he’s planning something elaborate?

Maybe he’s placating you?

Maybe there’s some second guessing about the relationship?

Maybe there’s something in his past that makes him hesitant? (I know this will be me. I’m getting divorced and it seems like somewhere between 2-3 years in every woman I’ve ever been serious about changes drastically).

Maybe he can’t communicate well in person because he’s nervous?

I’m sorry you’re struggling right now. I’m sure my random guesses probably don’t help but I feel like I need a bit more information to go on.

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