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I came back from a weeks trip, which the change of place there made me anxious enough, then to find my room reorganized entirely. I couldn’t breathe when I entered I just couldn’t I fell straight to the floor and began hyperventilating and crying. I had a terrible panic attack cause by that change, the lack of control of my own safe space. I’ve told my parents thousands of times to not step foot into my room and reorganize because it actually makes me loose control over my anxiety I was not able to sleep last night because of this change. I messed everything up again through everything to the floor and I am reorganizing it to how it was before because otherwise I feel so uneasy and I can’t stay in my room it’s not safe anymore.

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Sounds like my parents.

Never respect me to the point that I feel completely lost. The don’t hear, don’t listen, don’t put themselves into my place.

Yesterday I shouted on them so much. It actually made me feel better. I posted that on my feed.

I hope you will find your breakthrough too!

Yeah, thank you, I just wish parents would be able to understand why I panic at such things ;-;

Yeah, it allows my voice to be heard, and I am so greatful for it

Parents, mostly do these with the good intentions. But we know that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. I would sit down calmly with the parents and explain how it affects me. Getting angry and mad at them will not get the point across, and then nothing will change. 💐❤️🇺🇸

Is there a reason that your parents reorganized your room?

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