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i hope to find a safe place where i could speak my mind


hello, i am new here. i think it's amazing to find somewhere to write about your feelings without being judged. i suffer from depression and stress, these days i can't eat nor sleep very well but i drag myself to school and work everyday. i am an international student and very far from home and i don't have any friends where i live. so i hope you can help me by understanding my situation and hope to get some advice from the nice people here

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Hell o I'm new here too

It does help to talk to other people who are going thru the same thing. And realize that you are not alone in this.

Welcome, welcome, welcome!!!😄😄 Glad you found us here! There's nothing but caring, loving and very supportive folks that have wonderful advice. I'm terrible at giving advice lol. All I know is that having extreme depression myself is unbearable most days. Iv e had major problems not getting sleep too. What's helped me is taking the cbd oil. Its helped me feel great and helps with anxiety too. Not sure if it helps with stress but its been a lifesaver for sure!! Welcome again to our awesome community😀😀

Can you tell us more about cbd oil; what is it and how it has helped? Thanks

I'm stressed out atm, I'm jobless and scared shitless!!! Its called select cbd. Lavender Tincture. 1000mg. Order it off greenwellness.com. good luck. Gotta go.


Hello 👋🏽. I hope you feel better using this place and I hope you’re able to make lots of friends here x we’re all here to listen 💕

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