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A place where members can go to chat in real time!

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Hey everyone! Brian Here! Earlier today, Hope4321 posted a thread on how she wished we could all hang out and chat and support one another in real life. Well, a gem (or germ lol) of an idea came to me. Since I belong to an online gaming community, we have chat servers where all members of the community can gather and be able to voice chat and play our favorite games at the same time! So I thought I would set up a server (or channel, as I'll call it from here on out) where members here can chat in real time, either by voice or by text. I chose to use Discord (don't let the name fool you) to base the channel on because it's absolutely FREE! Hey, who doesn't like free??? lol

So, you're probably asking, how do I get in?

Well, first off, head over to discordapp.com Just download and install the app (or you can open Discord in your web browser if you prefer).

Once you create an account name (be sure to use your username from here so people can identify you), just follow the link below:


Once you enter the channel, you'll have unlimited access to come and go as you please and chat with anyone currently in the channel! There is a main voice room you can go into to chat via voice as well as a text chat channel if you're uncomfortable doing voice chat. There are also private rooms if you just want to chat with a couple of people only, away from public chat! Of course, the Rules and Regulations of this site will apply in the Discord channel at all times. Any violations of the rules and you'll be asked to leave. I hope that everyone will at least give the Discord channel a try! It will be available 24/7/365, as long as there is interest in keeping it going.

Now, there's a place to chat and get to know each other and really hang out in real time! Won't you join me? :)

Your friend,

Brian :)

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*bump* Just making sure people see this :)

Sorry, had to change the invite link. The channel link is now set to never expire. :)

I joined! Hopefully others will join too! Xoxo

Yes, please! I'm in the channel right now - as we speak! :)

Hey man.wow what a wonderful idea.

I’m just gonna make an account and if time will just pop in for a few seconds.if not I’ll pop in for longer tomorrow.im in UK,seems most ppl from USA and beyond so may have probs with timeline lol

lol It's ok Fidgity. The channel will be open 24/7/365. Anyone who's a member here can use it :) Hopefully some of us from the UK and US can get together and have a chat :)

Awesome!!!! Thank you for this. I’m out running errands, but will get set up for chat once home. You rock!!!!!

No worries! :)

*bump* we've got a real good group gathering! Come in and join the fun :)

*bump* If you wanna chat to other members in real time, then join us in our channel! :)

Brian, thanks so much for this. I will definitely be on the real time chat. I could really do with a few real, supportive people to talk to currently.

Brian, how cool are you?????? :)

I'll give it a try Brian! Thank you!!! Love & hugs!!! XXX

Awesome idea Brian! I just set up my account!

*bump* The new channel is open for business! Join us for a lively chat! :)

*bump* Just a reminder that the channel is now open! Come on in and say hi to other members! :)

Oh wow this is so cool x I’ll join when i get home x thanks

I'm on it but now sure how to find you guys....feeling a bit alone on there😢😢

Me too! Can’t find anybody 😔

This is awesome! I think, still a little scared to join but I know it would be good for me 🙈 I’ll try to join later today, still at work plus I live in Finland so I’m a few hours ahead of all you guys!

Hi Brian I tried to join today but after downloading the app when I place the link nothing happens. Help pls.

just joined! love and light!

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