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Feeling very frustrated


All I want is to graduate and get out of this place, but I messed up my only chance of that. I was supposed to graduate last year but the school I go to messed up my classes and so I got credit for classes I didn't need. They made me come back this year so I could get the correct credits to graduate. I was taking my classes online so that I could graduate by December and I finished all but two because they were English classes so I was going to test out of them with a credit by exam test. But I got my test results for the first one back yesterday and I failed it with a 42.. I just feel so stupid because there is no way I can take those English classes online and finish before December 16th and I am supposed to be going out of state to visit family for a few months then. I just don't know what I'm supposed to do.

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Is English your first language?


I can definitely related to feeling like you need to get out of some place. Do you mind if I ask for a bit more information about your predicament?

Try not to be too hard on yourself about delays, even the ones that come because you couldn’t do something you thought you could. I don’t know which English courses you were trying to test out of but speaking as an American with a graduate level education.... English is a f—-d up language with shitty and inconsistent rules. There are so many things that just don’t make sense about it because it’s a mash up of so many other languages, many of which don’t exist anymore.

I’m getting off topic though. My degree took a year longer than it should have. Part of that was on me, I had to repeat a course for the first and only time in my life and I underestimated how much I both needed to do over the summer and how much I could handle. It wasn’t the end of the world but it was expensive and hard on my self-esteem... however I’m not sure I’d be anywhere different even if I had graduated on time.

I hope you find a way to handle your situation so you don’t feel worse than you already do, or even better, graduate when you want. If it was the school’s fault it feels like they should work with you. Either way stay strong and remember that life is full of setbacks. How we react to them once the initial frustration and emotion is gone is the only thing we can control in those moments.

It sounds like the college is partially responsible so they need to help you as well. please stick up for yourself with this. Also, is there a way for you to get some tutoring, and what is your major? I cannot imagine taking your classes all online. That must be difficult. Perhaps you can see your advisor, and see what else you can do?

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