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I'm dreading the start of the day! Part 2


So I realize that last week I wrote about a job that I accepted but was sick to my stomach with worry and fear that I would not be able to follow through. Some of you suggested that I push through, meditate, breathe deeply, and I'm happy to say that the contract is going well. I've been able to sleep well for several days and I'm grateful! To those who offered your support and encouragement, Thanks for the shove :-)

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I’m happy to hear it’s going well for you!

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Thanks you :-)

Amazing ! Keep up the good work ! I'm so happy it's going well for you 💗 Sending lots of good vibes , peace & love your way ✌🏼❤ xx

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Thanks Indigo!!!

Maddisun, this is great! I knew it. Good luck to you with the project and don't forget baby steps. I got a new job and have anxiety every day now. Trying to tell myself that this is just a beginning and it should get easier. Not sure yet ...don't even tell my friends that i got it, because it seems that it can be over any day and i run away or they fire me. But i hope that this is just my own issues make me see things this way.

Your post and your progress is very inspiring and gives me hope.

Hugs to you

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Thanks for your encouragement, and congrats on your new job. Hang in there!

My job gives me anxiety everyday. Just because I get my ass kicked all the time. Congrats, you’ll be fine!!!!!

I don’t know why but it seems like the older I get the greater the anxiety! Hang in there Allaznreject

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