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Driving anxiety


I have panick attacks mainly when i drive on freeways/highways. I hate when there are semi trucks or vehicles behind me trying to hurry me up. I feel a bit better if there are exits or a safety lane for me to pullover. But if it is say a side of a mountain of bush area and I have to keep druving , the anxiety sky rockets. I need to drive because of my work and family but I dont want to hurt anyone or myself. Any advise

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I give you credit! I would get in the car the next time & remember how you did it safely the last time & focus on that. See you are doing it, congratulations! Breath in through your mouth, then out through your nose...slowly! I wish you all the best. Love, peace, light, joy & hugs!

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Thankyou yes I will keep fighting it

Shark 1, I agree with anxiety_59.

Deep breaths, recall the times you drove without incidents, listen to a comedian while driving and laugh!

I have to drive solo and the worst part for me is the anxiety before the drive. But with continued practice we will get through and over this day by day. You my friend are stronger than you realize. We continue to work towards the goal of a normal life. We will not allow anxiety to defeat us!🤗🌹

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Hi thankyou. I am embarrassed by this whole situation, but yes I will keep fighting it. I was on the freeway and felt it coming on so I decided to flip my rear view mirror so I could not see behind me and that really helped.

Whew, Shark1, I this post could have been mine! I have the SAME anxiety! You said that your anxiety increases when a truck pass (me too) and when there is no pull over lane (me too), I would add when I travel up a large hill.

What I do, I avoid the highways. I use the navigation on my phone, google maps has an "avoid freeways" checkbox. It routes you only on surface streets. Sometimes it isn't much more travel time. Sometimes it is more travel time, it just depends on the route. I used to hold the phone as I drove, that is now illegal in my state, so I connect the phone to my radio using Bluetooth. the phone will speak directions through the radio as I drive.

My car has an avoid highways as well, I just haven't yet figured out how to use it.

I am also seeing a therapist who has prescribed anti-anxiety meds for me. They help but I still am not yet back on the highways. The meds make it easier for me to drive at night, even on surface streets that used to give me alot of anxiety, and they just overall help reduce the stress level.

I hope this helps Shark1. Let me know how you are progressing.

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Thankyou for your response. Just to let you know i have been on the freeway and felt the anxiety come on. I flicked my rear view mirror up that way i could not see behind me kept at the speed and the anxiety just went away. Once i exited the freeway I readjusted the mirror. Still not happy that i have to do this but it really felt so great to drive without the anxiety

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