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Why are so many of us depressed and sad?


I'm just laying here wondering why does depression exist like the other mental illnesses. Why are U here? Meds don't help me at all I'm so tired of this non sense it's not fair how do people expect us to live like this depression is like cancer. Life is really consuming me.

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I understand how you feel. This disease is relentless, and even after many years of professional therapy and prescription drugs, I'm still searching for ways to manage it. Just try to cling to the fact that you're not alone in this, and there are many fellow sufferers to chat with and share hope.

Yes it's never-ending

Maybe you could look into some non medicinal treatments. ECT and TMS have helped thousands of people. There’s always another option to try. It’s exhausting but as long as you are looking for things that will help you are taking an active role. Never stop searching!

I'll look into it thank u

Omg I literally think about this all the time. It’s like, where did this come from and why so many of us? It is like cancer. I say that all the time. I get so upset that so many people suffer everyday. If others are feeling even half of what I feel, I just get so mad. No one deserves this. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone!! And there’s no break! It’s day and night. I’m very angry at it. It costs most of us things we really want to do with our lives. I’m sorry I’m ranting. I read your post and want you to know I feel the same. It’s not fair. Thank God we have each other though. This site is amazing. Anytime you want to talk I’m here. Lots of hugs to you 🤗

All is true may God come soon

Not for all people, but I wonder if this is happening partly because of how society is structured in some cases- lots of use of high tech- less personal contact- even people at work e mailing each other. Doctors in some cases are now prescribing more play time, and less scheduled activities for kids ( USA) . Interesting , right?

I think so and yes that's interesting. So much pulls at us until we break mentally I hope I get better soon or else.


I wonder that myself. Why are depression and anxiety so prevalent these days? Is it because of how the way the world is? Is it because more of us are talking about it now?

Darknlovely504 in reply to Hidden

I believe so modem times have changed many of us especially our mindsets etc

I'll tell you what has helped a lot of people in this! Taking magnesium (malate is best type) and ginseng get rid of sticky negative thoughts and calm the mind body and spirit a lot! Also, getting away from grains and carbs/sugars and increasing healthy veg, protein and fats (fats are great for brain and emotions and if you aren't doing carbs they won't put weight on you) Best to you! Also, almonds are great a great source!

Plus exercise and getting out.

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