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Just your typical disease phobe here

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Hi friends,

I'm new here. I've suffered from ocd/anxiety for about 15 years. The past 5 I've been taking 50 mg of zoloft which has helped but this year my obsessive ruminations about hiv/aids have been rearing their ugly head.

I'm one of those people that like 100% certainty which is of course ridiculous. If I dont have 100% then that's when the ruminations start. I understand 100% guarantee of anything is impossible (except death and taxes right?)lol

I believe it's because I have a lot going on this year and I'm about to turn 40 next week ๐Ÿ˜ณ

Regardless, I'm so over it and ready to move on.

2 Replies

Is that phobia similar to those with a fear of germs?

Hi Sunnymama, you may have a lot on your plate right now but lets not include "about to turn 40." This can be one of the best times of a woman's life.

Wanting 100% guarantees in life would be nice but would come with no challenges. (that is what makes us grow emotionally and intellectually. Continue working closing with your doctor/therapist to get through these ruminating thoughts which only accomplish one thing, and that is holding you back from living.

Follow the last thought of your post...."I'm so over it, ready to move on" :)

The best is yet to be Sunnymama. xx

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