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I'm new here, just joined

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I had a major panic attack last night that and just now have been able to calm my mind. I feel dizzy all the time and just unwell. I'm so sick and tired of feeling like there is something wrong with me and that I am dying. I have already met my $1400 deductible with regards to my health insurance!! I am at my breaking point. HELP!

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Welcome. We are all here for you

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Thank you. I am trying not to drive to the ER right now....

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I'm sorry this is happening. Do you live with anyone?

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No, I don't. I am sitting at work and cannot focus. Just a mess.

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Is there anyone you can turn to and ask them for help?

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Not really. I messaged my psychiatrist but haven't heard back and I don't meet with my counselor till next week. I turned to this website for help.....

Hi dear.. you couldn't be in a better place than this forum. We all have been through

what you are experiencing. It's a scary place to be in but know that it will pass. It

needn't be a life time sentence. We all started the same way in thinking that the

doctors may have missed something. How could Anxiety cause these symptoms

and be coming just from our thoughts? But it can. Dizziness is one of the common

symptoms of over breathing, dehydration and tense muscles and negative thoughts.

It sounds like if you met your deductible that you have probably gone through a

battery of physical tests only to be told that you are fine or it's anxiety.

We can help you by supporting and understanding what you are going through.

One step at a time will get you to a healing place. You are not alone :) xx

TY for your reply. It all started to really spiral when I started to have palpitations. I have had countless EKGs, an electrocardiogram, and a stress test. All were normal minus the holter monitor showed PVCs & PACs which I guess are benign. I recently quit smoking and that's another trigger as I think I have lung cancer or COPD or I'm dying from some illness related to being a former smoker. I also was diagnosed with mild asthma and will be seeing a pulmonary specialist next month. Sleep study consult next week. Blood work was fine. So ya I am having everything worked up. Its pretty sad that I feel more safe and comfortable at the dr's office or hospital than I do at home or anywhere for that matter :(

I've been telling my dr's that I have been feeling light headed for weeks. Its pretty much a daily occurrence. Like I said earlier I am doing everything not to drive to the ER.... Im just not ok.....

I remember those days that I had heart palps. It wasn't until the doctor

gave me medication to control them that my anxiety started to go down.

I'm hoping that once you have the sleep study done and see the pulmonologist

you settle down into dealing with unfounded fears. It takes time to believe

that you don't suffer from something catastrophic. My two focal points at

that time were my heart and my stomach. Running to the cardiologist and

GI doctors was expensive and after a while they turned a deaf ear to me.

Oh yes, there were the ER visits but when they started to roll their eyes when

they saw me, I decided something had to change and it was me. I was in anticipatory

anxiety. Afraid to live, Afraid to die and everything in between.

With the help of a good therapist, medication and finding other methods to calm

my fears (meditation and breathing) I was able to accept that I was okay. That was

7 years ago. I now use my experience to help others going through the same thing.

Good Luck on your upcoming appointments. We're here to listen anytime you need a friend. :) xx

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I am encouraged that you were able to overcome this. I am 47 and always thinking the worst too. I was thinking to myself today, I surely hope I don’t spend the rest of my life thinking I am dying of this or that disease constantly until I actually do. What a terrible way to live out the rest of my life! I do whole heartedly believe that television and internet including social media are contributors to all of this mental anguish. I wonder if others feel the same. I wonder if my grandparents suffered with this? Thanks for listening. I’m thankful for the post

That's exactly what is happening. I feel like I am crying wolf! They prescribed a beta blocker but I think that put me in a panic (not sure). Do you remember what they put you on? They now have called in a calcium channel blocker to see if I tolerate that better but I am scared to take that as well because I already have low blood pressure. and it can lower your blood pressure. UGH I am so sick of this.

Actually, I'm on Metoprolol now. At the very beginning I was put

on Xanax which did help. In addition to that was water exercise,

hydration and mental relaxation techniques. Since we are all different

never start any program on your own. Always get approval from your

doctor. My best to you :) xx

Thanks. I was also put on Metoprolol. I don't know if that caused my panic attack but I tend to blame things (anything newer I have done) when I do get an attack. I may try it again. It could be that I wasn't taking my clonazepam that day and my body freaked out....who knows but I think it is worth another shot!

I understand you. I have been in your shoes and still struggling with the occasional panic attack. Its getting better with time and practice. Remember, when it starts, to tell yourself that you survived it before, you did not die, and it’s ok to feel it and let yourself ride it like a wave. I know it’s hard to think clearly when it happens but with practice you will improve. I have this little book in my toolbox that is helping a lot. It’s title is 10 SIMPLE SOLUTIONS TO PANIC —how to overcome panic attacks, calm physical symptoms and reclaim your life—by Martin Anthony and Randi McCabe.


Google "Attacking Anxiety" with Lucinda Bassett. stresscenter.com/?customer_... or lucindabassett-truthbetold.... This program helped me tremendously for anxiety and panic, without the need for medication. Also get her book "From Panic to Power: Proven Techniques to Calm Your Anxieties, Conquer Your Fears, and Put You in Control of Your Life "........Also try drinking pure Kava Kava tea, it helps. Just don't talk yourself into a panic attack and make it worse, your self-dialog has a lot to do with it. Control what you tell yourself, and talk positively and calm yourself, and talk yourself out of the attack and know that you are not going to go crazy or anything like that. It is all really in your mind, and you can control it with your mind. Hope this helps, good luck.

I will definitely look into that! I also just started doing yoga from home. YouTube has a bunch of free videos. Hope that helps!


I really feel for you and so hope you will start to feel better soon.

Others have said what I would have said, we have all been there and got through it and so will you.

The only thing I want to add is that antidepressants can be a great help. Have you been offered them at all?

I do not think I could have got there without the help of mine, Effexor. They can make you feel worse before you feel better so you need support to carry on with them in the early days.

I am so glad I continued with mine. I had very similar symptoms to you when first ill with GAD and depression. I started on Effexor after a couple of months. I started on a low dose and gradually increased over 4 months and in that time really started to feel better and get my life back. I am still on them after 2.5 years and will probably need to take them long term which is fine by me. I feel better than I did before I was ill now and until I became ill after a couple of life traumas, always thought of myself as optimistic and non anxious.

I also found it really helpful to make myself do things and get out and about however ill I felt.

You are at work from what you say so are doing really well to keep that up.

Like you at first I felt frightened at home or in fact everywhere. I was too afraid to go to doctors or ER. I did think of going to ER at times when I was so anxious I did not know where to turn for help but never did.

My own GP was a great help and offered antidepressants and therapy straight away because he could see how ill I was.

I found excercise a great help as well as making myself take up new hobbies etc.

I think it is really important to try to change your mind set so you are not afraid of your symptoms and that you celebrate every little thing you are able to get yourself to do. Do them however ill you feel and do not worry about symptoms, just celebrate the fact that you have done it, however small an achievement and gradually you start to feel better. New symptoms may crop up, but just keep telling yourself it is anxiety and there is nothing to fear. Do not allow yourself to Google symptoms ever.

Very gradually you will improve and start to get better.

My very best wishes.


Yes I just switched to Paxil. It is still new but it is working better than Trintilex and Celexa (there was another one I tried that I didn't like). I also take clonazepam 2 times a day. I have been on meds for over 8 years :( Im trying everything in my power to not go down the google hole. I also do see a therapist once a week.

I am SO happy to hear that you are feeling better. I only wish I will too!!

Please don’t think your dying, this does not mean that. Panic attacks can cause a lot of things I know that for myself, I have had many. It’s making it worse for you thinking that’s what it is. Get yourself a coloring book they have today , they have them even at the grocery store. It will calm your mind, and take away your thoughts. Sometimes I color for hours, and I love it, besides taking away the thoughts, you find you make beautiful pictures, and your proud of yourself❤️

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That sounds a very good idea!! Might do it myself also

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Great go for it!❤️

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I have the coloring books and even paint by numbers :) It helps at times but my min dif so outta control right now that it is hard to focus on anything.

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Put some nice music on too, or sing to yourself ❤️

I have daily physical symptoms of anxiety. Dizzy, spacey, tension, off and on breathing discomforts. It's easy to spiral out of control when you feel this way. Remember H.A.L.T. Are you hungry, angry, lonely or tired? Make sure to address those things, as they can definitely contribute. Learn to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. It's tough! I am teaching myself this every single day! I still have panic attacks on occasion, but, I know I will get through them. The only way out, is through. ❤

Im always hungry, angry lonely and tired!!!!!! AHHHHHHH

Lol! It's the woooorrssttt.

Hi wishing. Bare you feeling any better today. Lots of good advice on this post. And it is encouraging to know that I am not alone as well

If you are dizzy that might be panicky shallow breathing. Try to slow down and deep breathe when that happens. Good luck and I'm open to talking if u want. I am also struggling.

I must breath like that all the time lol

Thank you everyone for your responses! It means a lot!

I dont have migraines but thanks.

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