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Remeron Med Reviews?

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Hello friends, I just got prescribed Remeron to help treat my new depression I just developed over the past 2 weeks. I’ve had anxiety and have been on several medications to treat that since I was a teenager but depression is new to me. Does anyone else take Remeron? Good/bad reviews? I really hope it helps because depression is awful. Thanks!

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I've also been prescribed remeron 15mg about 11 days ago. Not feeling any improvements yet. Panick attacks mornings. Tried passionflower extract. Does not help. Tried indices vape pen. Still no positive results. Nervous energy. Gotta walk at least 15 minutes mornings. Sometimes feel suicidal. Seeing doctor in a week.

Help anybody!

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Ikeeptrying in reply to Luciole

Hi Luciole,

Was wondering how you're doing now. I've been prescribed remeron but too chicken to take it. You have the same symptoms I do. nervous energy, agitation, can't concentrate. Hoping it's helping you.

I took Remeron for about a month. It seemed to help at first but it made me really hungry and I gained about 10 pounds. Then I had some more stress going on in my life and it didn’t seem to help anymore. I ran out and am trying to get in to see my psychiatrist to try something else.

Good luck, hope it works out for you.

I was prescribed Remeron a week ago but had to stop taking it due to severe side effects. I have to admit, it did help with my sleep but I did have a suicide attempt after starting it. It's now a drug I can't take. Have no idea when I'll see a doctor as getting psychological services in the US is painfully slow. :(

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