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New and looking for Depression & Anxiety Discussions

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Hello, I just joined this site to find others that I can talk to about my anxiety and depression issues (along with other issues that coincide with them, i.e. codependency, anxious attachment style, etc.). I find it helpful to discuss my issues with others who understand and deal with the same problems and pain on a daily basis.

In return, I'd like to offer my support to those who battle through similar issues.

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Welcome. We are here to listen to you and offer you support.

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Thank you very much. Not sure where to begin.


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Thank you!

Hi there, I joined around end of August, not sure ff I have similar reasons to yourself. I have fallen away from friends to concentrate on a relationship which in all honesty is probably at the root of my problems but for some reason I seem to think I need them in my life even although deep down I know they are not good for me, so that's where my co-dependency issue lies. I hope being on this site will help us all through whatever difficulties we are facing. It just makes such a difference to actually reach out to people who understand and don't judge. Welcome!

Hi! Thanks for reaching out. My co-dependency issues stem from my past failed relationships and insecurities in romantic relationships. I have trust issues and an anxious attachment style. It sucks. I'm working on it, but its not easy. It is very difficult for me to be vulnerable. I always want to run away to not have to deal with what I perceive as, eventual heartbreak.

Oh how I relate! I hope things improve for you, I know how difficult it is not to run away, I am totally non confrontational and am inclined to walk away from a situation rather than stand up for myself because the person in question always thinks they know best but you know what I always go back! More fool me deep down I know I shouldn't but I don't have anyone else and am afraid to be on my own with no-one to talk to. I hope we can all give each other support on here, we all have a need to share our feelings.

Welcome to this little site! 🖤 I hope you have a great time with us! We are here to support you! Oh, I love the Nightmare Before Christmas! 👻🖤🎃

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Thank you! Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my all-time favorites!

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