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what i feel and think this morning


I don't feel real anxiety or depression...but i feel and think of the fact that all my efforts with job hunting are hopeless. I am doing so much to find a job...but this morning i think negative thoughts and don't feel energy to keep going in searching.

I know what brought me to feeling this way this particular morning. I went to the agency yesterday and the woman there was nice and polite and said she will send me a description of one position, if i want to apply, and she will keep looking for me after that as well. BUT she did not send me anything so far...and i already have this experience of agents talking to me very nicely and giving me hope and after i leave the office, i would never hear from them again.

I have a plan...and i even have now something to accomplish in this plan to boost my resume...but thoughts of this morning make me doubt that any of it worth it...

I am not going to stop and i am going to proceed with my plan, it is not so bad yet...i am not in a hole yet which would make me just be idle and not do anything.

The thing is that if i stop and give up i have no idea what meaning my life will have.

thank you.

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Hi morenews, I can understand how you feel about a job search when things aren't coming through. But you have a great attitude and won't give up. That's the recipe for success. Think about it this way, if you keep trying there's no way that you won't get a job. And the negative talk inside your mind... do your best to ignore it and counteract it with a positive statement. You're gonna do just fine!

morenews in reply to IheartDogs

yes, trying, i am better now than this morning...things are happening every day, so my hope is not dead yet. thank you, IheartDogs, you are helping me tonight a lot :)

Hey :) I can tell that you have the very type of work ethic that employers want. Being discouraged is a normal part of a job search. I ran a job placement agency for 3 years so I understand the challenge of matching you with just the right job! I've also been on the job search side myself on several occasions, so I get the frustration. Not sure what type of work you are looking for or what geographic area you are in, but I have a couple of recommendations. (You might be doing them all?) Not all agencies have a good flow of options coming in that would be a good job match, and sometimes you have to expand the search. In addition to the agency, you should post your resume on Indeed.com and Monster.com. After doing all of that, if you aren't getting any solid leads, your resume isn't highlighting your skill set-would be my guess. Keep your head up! You've got this!

morenews in reply to MT2018

Thank you for your support and great advices. I am in much better mood and I can see that situation is improving and my hope and energy are up. You are figured it out: a lot of people who worked with me pointed out my great work ethic. 🙏

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