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How do I get through ths?

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Am expecting a baby w a guy we been dating for almost a year now the thing is i don't trust him he cheated on me almost 3 times I walked past it .2 weeks back he lied to me then i jst made a decisionto break up w him .I have supported him w all e business he wanted to start bt none of the business have made success it's jst waste of my money tht I work so hard for .He doesn't work he have ths promises tht his business will work out bt so far nothing have worked out.On e other hand I h ve my mother who is on my case she keeps telling me tht I made a mistake of having a baby w ths guy bt I don't regret anything and she keeps judging me she wants me to kill my baby she doesn't say it in word bt wht kind of mother who will put so much stress when she knws i suffer from depression

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Wow this is a lot for you to be dealing with! 😔It all sounds terribly unfair the way your supporting him it should b other way around especially if you’re carrying a child!! I hope you can just be very honest with him and tell him he’ll need to step up for sake of your & your baby’s health & well being!!! Also tell your mom you can’t be put under such stress/pressure or you’ll have to keep more distance for your healths sake and babies!!!😳

By way no one should ever pressure u into make such an enormous life altering decision!!!!!😂😳prayers to you for things to get better🌼

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thank you my solution is keeping my distant from everyone b cs I dnt want to find myself in a breaking point because all of thm thy dnt understand me yes am a strong person bt I also don't need to be under a lot of pressure .

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Good you’re able to be so strong! But I do hope you have some kind of support network or good friends cause everyone needs some care love and support!! And I’d think especially in your condition!!

Hi from reading this it seems your mother can see that this man is a low life who is cheating on you and scamming your money! You can't see it because you still think he loves you. Well I have got news for you - he doesn't. He is playing you and doesn't care tuppence about you and is only after what he can get out of you.

Imagine how you would feel if your child was with someone like this? What would you do? My advice is listen to your mum and get well away from this man. Sorry to be so blunt but you did ask for advice and this is mine. x

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Hi hyper! You nailed it, wonderfully said...take your bow pal! Love, peace, light, joy & hugs!!!

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Oh thank you missus! Not sure if the poster is in the frame of mind to be able to get this and don't want to upset them. x

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I sure do hope they know how kind you are! Have a beautiful day! Love, peace, joy, light & hugs!!!

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thanx for pointing it out yah thts e truth

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Yes but I know it's not that easy when you are involved in a relationship and especially when you have your baby head on! I hope you make the decisions that are best for you and your unborn baby. x

'Baby head'. Love it!

Man this is heavy. I think you should leave this guy, he doesn't sound very trustworthy. You don't want that in a man, you want one who will cherish you. I'm here for you if you need me. I really wish you all the best & congratulations on having a baby! Love, peace, light, joy & hugs!!!

You will make it through and this will make you stronger and a better parent, a better person. I think you are wise to think about your baby needs most. (And I don't think the answer is 'A Dad', any dad. Who do you want your son to be?)

God bless you! You are keeping your baby! As for this guy, my thinking from what you have written here....leave him. He is selfish and self centered and does not care about you or the child. You are much better off without him.

It will be hard, but anything worth doing usually is. Think of your child. This guy sounds like the perfect example of HOW NOT TO BE A FATHER.

I hope everything goes well and your pregnancy is filled with joy, an easy delivery and a happy and healthy child!

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