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Guilt is a terrible feeling. I have no reason to feel it. I finally told my kids’ bio mom to F off and she will never have connect with them after once again allowing them to go without her love & support by her choosing. She gave them up to me, she moved away, she forgot them, she has never come back for them ever and when given the chance to do some good for these kids, she disappoints again. My heart aches because I could never to what she did no matter what.

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It is so frustrating to be where you are, to watch children be constantly let down. The bio dad of my two oldest has been in and out for years, and has actually not seen the youngest for 4 years. I worriedly await the day he surfaces again. I just keep telling myself that God will take care of this and do my best to focus on our family now and not the "what if's"..... I am glad you are there for for these kids, being a step parent is a selfless job, a job you have chosen, you are a blessing to them. Always remember this. Prayers to you as you face this.....

God be with you and protect you and your family.

Yeah being a step parent originally was challenging with bio mom in the picture (my kids are great and we have a great relationship) but being their mom (adopted) is easier except for the beginning when she left and with the depression I already had but I have learned I can say no without explanation and I have no control over the situation with bio mom. All I can do is reach out to this group to vent, remind myself of the skills I have learned for grounding and coping and protect my kids as much as I can.

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