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My brain is messy—


Well, I don’t really know what to say other then my mind never stops and I constantly feel dizzy and out of sorts. It’s taking quite a toll on my life as it’s a struggle to focus and enjoy life. I guess I would say I have health anxiety— anxiety anxiety— and depression / maybe ever depersonalization? As most days I feel like I’m not even here or it’s hard to come back to reality. Basically I need help.

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That is a heavy burden. Welcome. Make yourself at home.


Hello Sarah!

I’m sorry that your life feels so messy...I understand how you feel. I do agree that you should probably head on over to see a Psychiatrist or therapist. I have to. Go easy on yourself right now and take baby steps in getting things done. Wishing peace of mind for you...🌷

Sarahmacxoco in reply to Hidden

Yes I have a Therapist and Psychiatrist

Hi sarah,do you drink a lot of coffee?

No I don’t drink coffee

I am sorry you are dealing with this. Any type of anxiety is very difficult to deal with. I have anxiety myself and having someone I know see what I am going through really helps me. Have you tried talking with someone about what you are dealing with? I hope everything gets better.

Hey girl. Yes I have a Therapist and a psychiatrist— I just struggle really hard

Hello Sarah,

I’m sorry that you’re feeling this way. You’re not alone in your battle. I’ve experienced depression before. I found that one way to deal with it was to speak to someone about my feelings, so I wouldn’t feel alone. Here's a number for free counseling if you need it: 1-855-771-4357. I’m sure they’ll provide you with the support that you may need. I’m praying that things will get better for you!

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