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As I have stated before, I struggle mightily with anxiety and depresssion. My daughter (27) has as well. She made an attempt on her life in 2013, but has since recovered with the help of meds and a supportive husband. Now she's had a relapse and I am dreadfully frightened. She has an appointment with a counselor today, but I still worry. Just checking in about this. Any positive words are appreciated.

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It does seem to run in the family, and fortunately for her, you understand. All you can do is be supportive....I hear parents on here over and over state their worry for their children's mental illness...and I wish there was a easy answer....they are you kids and you want to take their pain away, fix their booboo's....and this is just such a tough disease to deal with, let alone watch your kids go through it too. It's not anyone's fault, and it does seem to run in the family, it does in mine for sure and has for generations. The more you can learn about coping mechanisms....and meds....and treatment...your really doing the best you can....at least she's willing to seek help professionally...many kids won't.

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Thank you for your reply. You are very accurate in your post-the last thing we want is for our children to feel our pain. I know she is very cognizant of our family situation so she is vigilant when she relapses. Keep good thoughts for us, as I will do for you.

Hi, I am sorry u are going through this and I will say a prayer for you and ur daughter 💙

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Thanks! I will do the same for you!

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