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Animals appreciation post

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So i was out, completely dead inside and this doggo arrived. She's so gorgeous and loving and is the same breed my dog was. She loved me so much. Dogs even get jelaous which one to stay with me and barking "argue" about it. This princess arrived just in time and loved me so much. She's so gorgeous. Like a princess fox. 😭❤️😭

I also have my therapy on the phone so i go outside so mom and sis don't hear and when things get really worse, an animal appear. I feel like Cinderella but i don't have a prince and shoes, only the animals and a messed up family

A bit clumsy pic before she jumpes on me

9 Replies
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You ARE a Princess!!! So, straighten your crown and stand up tall! You were truly blessed today! (Remove crown when swinging🤣)

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Against_the_current in reply to TrustYourSoul

Thank you, you too

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Oh she’s beautiful, what’s her name ?

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Against_the_current in reply to Arymretep

Thanks. Aaria. She's the dog of some people living around here

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Arymretep in reply to Against_the_current

Oh right 👍

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She's beautiful. A precious moment indeed.

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Yes, I also get a lot of support from my loving dog. Take care.

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Dogs are the best. I wish I had one :)


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yes without my pets i would not be here right now there is just something about a pets unconditional love that just helps TT_TT

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