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I just found my dog having a seizure

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I have an anxiety disorder and depression, so its really hard for me to stay calm in certain situations. I heard something hitting against the glass door so I went to see what it was and it was my sweet little bulldog having a seizure. He's okay now, keeping a close eye on him until he can see a vet.. It was just so scary and graphic to watch. I'm just still in panic mode and I don't know how to process this. any advice or someone to talk to would be really helpful rn. please help!

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Seizures are very common in dogs but you need to find out what caused it so treatment if needed can be started but for a one off seizure it will probably be a watch and wait advice. In most cases no cause is found.

My dog has epilepsy so is on Diazipam when he needs it, thankfully not that often but his seizures last over 30 mins so a bit unusual.

If you catch another one happening video it so the vet can see what's going on.

Hi so sorry to hear this as it must be very scary. Poor dog. I do think that you shouldn't wait to see a vet but take him straight away. The sooner he can get a diagnosis and treatment the better.

I hope it is nothing serious. x

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I agree. See the vet on an emergency basis.

Sorry to hear Ela03. Hope you both are feeling better after the scare. Best to you at the vet!

Had a beagle that took seizures. We had to feed him a special diet. He lived a long time. He didn’t get them as frequently.

sorry to hear that I would have been hysterical witnessing it.best go to the vet asap just to be on the safe side.hoping he/she is ok and not to serious.

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