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I feel like I have a huge weight on my chest and it constricts my breathing. None of my friends know I struggle with depression and anxiety. I dont want to talk to them about it. Once they know it will always follow me. But I'm tired of feeling so helpless and like I'm drowning in respect. I love being a mom and wife. But my family can be brutal (extended family) . My sisters are terrible and mean. I'm so sick of it. When they are mean to me it sends me feeling and depressed for weeks. Uggh I need a break.

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Hi- I used to be that way, I love being a mom and wife but there were times I was feeling sad and none of my friends knew how I feel.

I learned through experience that I need also to trust one person whom I can freely talk about how I feel. Someone that I can trust and will not judge me. Keep posting, we are all here for you and willing to listen.

I’m sorry that you are dealing with discouragement from your extended family. You can try to talk to them and tell them how you truly feel. I hope you will feel better soon and relationship within the family will go well. I will be praying for you.

Stress is hard on the body! Keep your distance for your own peace as much as possible. Even when family tries to help, it can make things worse. Regarding the weight on your chest this is what I found helps me: Taking magnesium malate and ginseng calm the mind body and spirit and get rid of those sticky negative thoughts that loop around and around. Practice breathing deep, especially outside to get fresh air. Get involved in something for you, of your own interests and where you can get other women's support and friendship. Go to classes, let your husband care for kids for a bit. Look for other "sisters" who actually support you. Hope this helps, blessings! =)

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