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Hi all, I just joined in the Hope's I'll be able to get some encouragement and help for how I'm feeling. I haven't felt depressed in several years but lately its come up and out and I feel so hopeless. I am a mom, wife, I work. And feel like I'm drowning. My family outside the home makes me miserable and sad and worthless. I'm tired of it. I'm hurting and feel like I'm never goodenough. .feel like everyone hates me. It's terrible.

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I completely empathize with you.

I’m totally new here and not even sure how to get back on if I close this page lol.

But I just wanted to reach out to you because many of the things you’ve said in your post I have also felt, am currently feeling, and it just sucks.

Keep your head up.

And I will try to do the same☺️

Could be estrogen dominance and/or peri menopause, nobody talks about this. It could be hormonal depression. If so, BHRT can make you feel brand new. You need to find a high quality compounding pharmacy near you, call them and ask for a referral to a hormone balancing Functional medicine doctor they work with. You’ll get your blood drawn and see what you are lacking. The compounding pharmacy makes your prescription for your specific needs. All ladies in their 30’s need to get cracking learning about peri menopause. Somers book “I’m Too Young for This!” will get you started. Also Dr Christiane Northrup will provide all the answers you need.

Depression can be so challenging, especially when you are trying to balance so much at one time. Reach out for help through this, contact your physician to discuss what is going on. Like another poster said, there could be some type of chemical imbalance in play too. Look to friends to support you and lift you up. Seek support from a church family who you can lean upon as you face this difficulty.... Although you may feel like it, you are not alone in this, prayers coming your way....

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