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Dizziness + CT Scan


I've suffered from this continual dizziness/lightheaded sensation for 2.5 years straight now. I'm wondering if maybe it's a lack of oxygen from my heart to my brain?

I've had a CT scan of my head along with numerous blood tests and EKG's of my heart. And also at various doctors appointments when they put that little machine on my finger it looks at my oxygen levels as well as heart rate and no doctor has every mentioned anything wrong with it.

Based on these tests I've had over the past year is it safe to say it's not a lack of oxygen that's causing my dizziness?

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The oxypulse meter they put on your finger will determine if your getting enough oxygen. Good luck

the last time i went and had that was a couple months ago. i assume they would have mentioned something if they were concerned?

Hidden in reply to rachel913

Yes they would have said something if they were concerned. Have you considered maybe you have an inner ear problem?

Sandyxoxx in reply to Hidden

True , see a Ear,nose,& throat doc ,just to let you know

rachel913 in reply to Hidden

I have been to a couple different ENT's and had my inner ears checked several times. :(

Marshall64 in reply to rachel913

I sure they would have said something if your oxygen reading was out of normal range.

I used to get that way as a teenager and it was attributed to low blood pressure (my sister had it too). The dizziness eventually went away.

rachel913 in reply to Marshall64

Sometimes I wish I had low blood pressure so this would be a quick fix for me! Unfortunately I appear to be in great health even though I don't feel that way at all

Sandyxoxx in reply to rachel913

I have that in the morning also with pulse beating in my right ear ! All test say nothing is wrong ! Just recently had a MIR & MRA done ..all good ! But still had no idea what's sometimes drives me crazy ..ticking n pulse in my ear

Sandyxoxx in reply to Sandyxoxx


rachel913 in reply to Sandyxoxx

So strange! If an MRI didn't pick anything up I have no idea what it could be other than anxiety... even if it's hard to accept. Have you been to an ENT?


yes! it's safe to say that it is not an oxygen problem.

Please take a look at Jeff1943's posts and the resources he so regularly lists. I have a few resources to add to his list and you can see them on my profile. There are many others here with recommendations along the same lines- it's all from the same resources! Dr. Claire Weekes and then people who have expanded upon her work. The woman was a genius and she completely figured out anxiety.

It sounds like your nervous system is just sensitized, that's all. It's a very common story. The panic starts for some reason, then the symptoms of panic startle and frighten and cause more panic and constant anxious thinking about what is potentially wrong- this leads to being in a state of almost constant fear, which causes the nervous system to be sensitized. The symptoms you describe are exactly the way most people feel when the nervous system is sensitized. To turn it around, you must accept, accept accept... Accept it all as anxiety. Yes it's hard to do, especially when you feel it can't possibly be anxiety! And anxiety itself is telling you, "something is so wrong- go, go, go figure it out! Here's some more adrenaline so you can go fight this terrible thing!" Pretty ironic, huh? The way to feeling better is quite simple. Simple, but not easy. Claire Weekes says this herself. But people do it all the time. Check out the resources. With patience and practice you can start feeling better :) Wishing you all the best~

rachel913 in reply to Calm_mama

thank you so much.. accepting is the hardest part of all this especially when i'm not anxious all the time but have symptoms all the time. and i fear the symptoms constantly. dr. weekes is truly amazing. a genius at best, like you said :)

Omg reading this it sounds like it’s coming from me it’s been since February I been suffering from constant dizziness weakness feeling like I’m not al here the mouth jaw feeling sore and they ran all the test u can think of cake back nothing wrong I thought I was alone in feeling this way

my jaw feels sore too but i think that's from my constant jaw clenching/grinding of my teeth from being anxious all the time haha. but yeah i've been suffering from this dizziness feeling constantly for 2.5 years with no relief..

I also have been having that jaw pain from clenching grinding of my teeth. I have tmj and haven't really gotten it looked at. So it's all kinda lumped together. But it's been bothering me for a little while now.

Hope you both fell better soon.


Have you been to a chiropractor or gotten a massage? It might help xx

I've never gotten a massage. But I've been to the chiropractor but only for my back issues. I will try to see the next time I go if he can work on the jaw. Thank you!

Whenever it bothers me I try to relaxed or massage my jaw myself. It seems to help for the short term. Then I find myself uptight and feeling pain again. It's like a cycle. I gotta find a way to just chill. But that's hard to do.

Have you been to see a chiropractor or massage and has that helped you?

I think everyone on this sight deserves a good massage! Our muscles are all so tense and tight due to constant stress. I have been to a chiropractor and he helped a bit as did a massage. I only went a couple times though, I couldn't afford it :\ I also know that there's an essential oil called "Deep Muscle Synergy Blend" by Plant Guru. It gives your muscles such a nice relief. I'll list the link below if you're interested.


Thank you. Appreciate that very much. I will look into it.

Glad your finding things that help!

And I agree we all need a nice way to relax.

Yes me going on a yr it sucks but I just try and be strong and I have hope one day it will go away

Your oxygen is fine, it's definitely not that causing it... I recently had a severe middle ear infection causing dizziness and causing me to have anxiety worse than I already do. I used to think it was lack of oxygen everytime I got dizzy or lightheaded but I was assured by doctors that it wasn't and that anxiety can cause this. I wish you the best of luck finding out what's going on. Your not alone with this problem.

Frickin anxiety man.... it's the devil himself I swear.

Sandyxoxx in reply to rachel913

Hi yes went to a ent , nothing , but it comes and goes ,but mostly comes! ! It's when I wake up or lieing down ,I get it when I get up and move around! Years ago I was in a car accident, whip lash ,did the therapy for my back n neck plus my jaw was knocked outta place ,had thraphy on it . Healed no surgery! Headackes disappeared ! But lately having alot of dentist stuff done . Jaw is sore ,I do messages n heat,helps somewhat ! Told ent about tmj ..he said I don't think it has anything to do with my right ear hearing my pluse n being clogged! I think so ,next step I'm gonna get thraphy on it ,hopfully that's the problem ,it's just to enoring sometimes

Sandyxoxx in reply to Sandyxoxx


I have ocd. The day I committed to treatment I walked outside and felt like I walking on marshmallows. It git so bad I went to eye and ENT doctors...told my therapist too. I would force myself to take walk despite feeling light headed and off. I was told it was anxiety and could not believe it. I now walk and feel much better but have set backs. Try to accept the way you feel and move on despite it.

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