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Can anyone help me?


Thanks for the add! I have anxiety and depression my whole life just recently got diagnosed with it though. I can hide my problems to well most say. I qlways thought it was a part of my raising and just life in general. But over the past year things have become to prominent. I can hide things like i used too. Everything eats at me. My brain gets so busy in thought that it ends up blank. Seriously lost to the world. I don't know which away to go any more im acrually starting to drown. Someone plz help and give me ideas. Im not good with meds. I forget to take them.

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*can't hide it anymore

Try mindfulness to help with the thoughts.

Examples plz im spread thin as it is between kids, moms health and my own health not to mention work

There is an app called headspace which is really good

Ill look into it thanks

Hi I had severe clinical depression and anxiety I took plenty of meds but what really got me out of it was acupuncture someone had recommended it to me and I thought I might give it a try I have nothing to lose after five sessions I was back to my normal self I would highly recommend it but make sure if you go that the doc you see has helped people with depression and anxiety

Dobbo038 in reply to techguy

Hi, where you on meds with the acupuncture?

techguy in reply to Dobbo038

Yes. But it was the acupuncture that brought me back

Hi, I’ve been there before. I don’t know your surrounding circumstance, but it sounds like it’s time to ask for help. Meds aren’t always the answer, talk therapy from a licensed psychologist would be a good start, however if it were me, I’d start with a psychiatrist and go from there. I don’t like to sound like I’m telling you what to do but, I’ve felt what your feeling based on what you’ve written. If you choose to explore mindfulness, which is a great tool, you can find lots of talks and info on the web. Personally, I’ve found it, plus meditation more effective when I was not in crisis mode, and I started with meditation, which can aid in learning to be mindful. Mindfulness is a thought process that keeps you grounded in the moment, not thinking ahead and not looking to the past. No what ifs or should of could of or blame. It’s a simple practice, but for some takes a long time with lots of practice to master. Look up Elkhart Tolle, on the web. A friend recommended his teachings to me and there are several good things you can view or read on the internet. Also, try searching guided meditation, there are many on the internet that can help calm one when troubled and also help you learn to meditate. Back to my first bit of advice, I don’t want to tell you what to do, but it’s ok to ask for professional help. It could also help to contact a close family member or best friend, sometimes that can help. I sincerely hope you find calm, and peace of mind. 🙏

Thanks but at this stage i have really shut everyone off. Ive done the therapy thing i can talk my way out 9f it. I was told i still can rationalize to much. I need a mi d change a life habit change if that makes sense

Go outside breath fresh air give your yourself a hug listen to calming music light a candle. You got to give yourself down time

Your no help if your down

The person in the mirror is the most important

I used to beleive that im just spread so thin there never seems to be time for me anymore

You need to find time

I was the same way and ran into many issues

Put it on your calendar and don’t let anything change it

hi sure we can help you but your main support should be from doctors then family and have a few replies from people going through the same thing.drop me a message anytime and I like others will help you see it through.

I'm so sorry about your ongoing depression. Could I suggest using the alarm on your phone for medication? I take quite a bit of medication for various health problems, and even though I am used to taking medication, the alarm on my phone is a lifesaver!

I understand you are stretched very thin. Do you get any time to exercise? Could you make some time for exercise? I have several podcast and book recommendations for you if you are interested.

Keep showing up. Keep up the fight.

Please update us on how you are doing. You can send a private message if you wish.

Pod casts might work reading bores me amd puts me to sleep. Not currently on meds. Im goood with them for about two weeks but as soon as i miss a dose its over i can never remember to take them or i end up changing the schedule

Have you talked with a cognitive behavioral therapist? This type of treatment focuses on thoughts, feelings, behaviors and how they are all connected. Therapists vary in their model of treatment(s) they use. If you have seen a therapist previously and you don't feel like you got anywhere with that therapist, try to find one that specifically practices cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Don't give up.

Thanks that may actuallty work im all about learning and i do need lessons to change my thought process

Welcome. Just don't give up on yourself. You are worth it!

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