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How to deal with suicidal thoughts?


I've never been suicidal because I fear death and would never want to cause my loved ones the burden of my selfish actions. But as I get older I just feel like I'm waiting for the inevitable death and that it's going to happen anyway sooner than I think. I almost welcome a natural death so I could just move on to the so-called "Promised Land". If I ever contracted a terminal illness, I'd definitely consider it and even know how I'd do it. I can push these thoughts away temporarily but they are always in the back of my mind. I try listening to positive music and have even turned to prayer although I'm not as religious as I used to be. Any suggestions on how to deal?

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Hi, I'm Skylar. Having suicidal thoughts can be mentally draining. I have them all the time but the only thing that has kept me here is my little brother. Even though he said he hates me sometimes and doesn't need me, I always tell myself that he needs me and that I need to be here for him so he doesn't go into this 'darkness' that I call home now. For me, the suicidal thoughts still linger in the back but I always put my brother before it so it stays silent for a while. But someone else on here might have better advice about it than I do. But I do hope they go away for you.


Thanks for your reply. You are still so young and have a lot of life ahead of you. But it is great that you think of your brother when you have these same thoughts. My wife & family always come to mind but it's just that I'm older and feel nothing has changed much throughout my life. Peace & Love!

I’m not religious either. And I deal with the same issues. But I can just say one thing: have faith. Maybe not in god, but have faith that things will improve. Even if you’re not happy with life and you’re just thinking those thoughts, have faith in the life you’re living and the Earth you’re on. Have faith that this will get better. They’re just thoughts, literally chemical reactions in your brain, that’s all they are. If you think of it that way and how small they really are physically, then emotionally and mentally they may become less as well. That’s just an image I like to use every now and then. I’m not very good at this, but I’m here if you need any other support ❤️

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Yes, I do try to have Faith in something, almost anything. Some days nothing helps but much like religion, I have to at least try even though I'm unsure of what to believe. Thanks for your reply. Peace & Love.

Hi- How are you today? I hope you are feeling well.

Whenever I go through something, prayer helps me a lot to feel calm and relax. After I pray, I trust that God is working in my behalf and it allows me to experience peace.

Thank you for sharing this. I pray that you will also experience peace and comfort as you go through this journey. Take care.

ManUtd7 in reply to pink318

Yes as long as it's something positive I'll give it a try. Thanks for your reply. Peace& Love

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