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Zoloft & Bluspar


So i had my first doctors appointment yesterday. My doctor is wonderful, and the best news is that he knows my family history because he knew my mom and he also is my Aunts doctor. So it made it that much easier. He is going to have me start on a low dose of Zoloft (take 1 a day) and Bluspar (take 2 a day). I am excited but also a little nervous, since i have never been on any medication daily for my anxiety, depression, panic attacks and social phobia. Has or does anyone take this? What is or was your experience on it?

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I’m on Zoloft 55mg and amatriptlyne 55mg morning and night

How long have you been on it? Has it helped?

Amatriptlyne 5 years wonderful and Zoloft one year works great just have to find your dose that fits you

Thanks! Happy to hear you are doing well with yours too!!!

Sorry I've been off zoloft for over 5yrs..

I take 20 mg lexapro, an went back to drinkin

and smokin SFV og everyday..I wake an bake..

I'm living the dream right now...F the meds.

Im gonna get off the lexapro an go back to being a party animal...

Society is too sensitive about every God damn

thing nowadays...drop the meds if you can and just relax and crack open a beer or two and twist up a fatty and chill the F out!

That might work for you but it wont for me. I am actually really finding it hard to believe that you would even post this without understanding my situation. Both my parents are addicts. I just lost my mother to a heroin overdose. I grew up in a very hostile home. It isn't easy to just "chill the F out". I am also a woman who is at a point in my life where i would rather choose a more healthier approach since i want to have children someday. It has nothing to do about being sensitive! - I watched my father beat the shit out of my mother for most of my childhood and watched them get high and drunk everyday (that isn't even half of what i went through). So yeah, I have Anxiety, Depression and panic attacks (PTSD), I chose to not end up like them (an addict). So good luck with your "party animal" behavior.

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I’ve taken buspar before. It helped with my anxiety but I never really took Zoloft. I hope it really helps you a lot. Sorry about your rough childhood.

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Thank you. I hope it helps too! I am on day 1.

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